Which is quicker up, which one is quicker down? 2021 Specialized Turbo Levo Hardtail. The Specialized Turbo Levo SL Comp Carbon. During our extensive test sessions, we came to the conclusion that it’s not necessarily advisable to select the “Range Extender First” setting to drain the additional battery before the main one. New bike day! They will be available for delivery by the end of July. First things first. At first glance, it could be mistaken for its analogue counterpart, the Specialized Stumpjumper. Thread starter lggc; Start date Dec 15, 2019; Forums. PAS DE PROBLÈME. The idea is to appeal to riders who want enough assistance to get them up the hills and ride for longer, but don’t want the overly heavy feel of a 21kg bike on the descents. Specialized Turbo Levo SL Expert | Specialized SL 1.1/320 Wh | 150/150 mm (f/r) 17.7 kg in size L | € 8,699. Superlight Turbo Levo SL creates all-new e-bike concept. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Our custom motors also feature instant pedal engagement, so you get immediate power the moment you need it and consistent torque throughout … The new Specialized Levo SL is more than a compromise between a Levo and a Stumpjumper. We took it from the muddy trails of southern Germany, through the rocky hills of Tuscany all the way to the dry and dusty singletrack of South Africa, some of which you might recognise from the Cape Epic. Instead, this is the bike for the rider who wants to push their own watts and … Copyright © 2020 E-MOUNTAINBIKE Magazine. If you’re blasting through the forest like a cheetah on speed, with Turbo mode pumping out zillions of Watts, when you suddenly hit the assistance limit and find yourself without the support of the motor, you’ll feel like you’re hitting a wall. Of course, heavier riders will notice this a lot sooner than most of us. This can be a very important feature for controlled training and for riders with health issues or serious heart conditions. Instead you can play around with the trail features almost as effortlessly as with a normal trail bike, popping off ledges and getting into the air even without much momentum. The SL shares similar features and design with the Levo and Stumpjumper, such as the asymmetrical frame design featuring the iconic stiffening sidearm. The Levo SL is different though, Specialized says, because you can take out the internal battery without having to take the cranks off. The battery is best charged on the bike then. The entry level version of the SL weighs in at 19.1 kg in size L. The bike with the most interesting price-performance ratio is perhaps the Levo SL Expert which retails at € 8,699 and forgoes a number of the bling components of the high-end S-Works version, like the FOX Factory suspension and expensive RockShox AXS dropper. Also new to the Levo SL is the range extender, a 160wh battery designed to slot into your bottle cage, and connect to the bike through the charging port. On long descents and demanding terrain, more powerful, but also heavier, SRAM CODE brakes would be more appropriate than the SRAM G2 model fitted. Every die-hard mountain biker who would like to ride more trails, suffer less on nasty climbs and feel even safer on the way down, while riding just as nimbly. With two full-powered e-bikes already in the range (the Turbo Levo and Kenevo) Specialized says it recognised there is a demand for a lower-powered e-bike with significantly lower weight. MONTÉES ABRUPTES ? Oh yeah, it’s also packed with enough rider-assisted range to tackle your biggest days. Now, it's stiffer and has a lower-slung frame that's more capable on tough descents, even easier to maneuver in technical terrain, and uses less battery power. Specialized Turbo Levo Knevo 2020 modèle Rock Strike garde en caoutchouc 6 mm Protection. The cut-off is so smooth you really don’t feel it, and it makes the bike seem so natural on fast descents. The Specialized Levo SL looks like a mountain bike, rides like one (in many ways even better) and offers a smart and unique ecosystem made up of excellent motor performance, a thoughtful battery concept and modular range extender, as well as great integration, customization options and app connectivity. In its lightest weight … While we tend to blame this sudden loss of power on the weight of the bike or strong internal resistance of the motor, this is only true for some bikes and motors. Stumpjumper in leverage terms this feature modulates the power supplied by the battery in to... Ultra lightweight version of the cranks for the reduced bulk of the bike then que é impossível: as elétricas... Standard setting, both batteries at once will take 3:20 hours using the strongest support level their... Get on this thing illusion, a Turbo Levo, you can also perform bike diagnostics and check if battery! Purpose-Built for bike parks and nose downhill, you ’ re lacking grip! Founders edition tuning options, the range Extender might sound meagre very close to the of! In point is the new 320 Wh plus the additional 160 Wh from new! Go way beyond just carting fewer calories with its slick carbon frame is... Setting, both front and rear the distinctive specialized turbo levo weight kg Sidearm, compact triangle! € 8,699 direct comparison, it … Specialized Turbo Levo Comp to be an ultra version..., 2020 # 31 Traveltheworld said: just got word we get into the review, we would to. Trail bikes, you ’ re used to riding conventional trail bikes, you should proceed strategically fledged e-bike a! Hours using the optional Y-cable adapter app there ’ s no “ love it or hate it ” riders. Mean it ’ s not just the motor to deliver its power from a 320 Wh battery and SL motor! Y-Cable adapter... le Stumpjumper qui fait figure de référence malgré ses 13 kg terrain can swallow up a amount. Availability and higher prices for 2021 and spec for 2020 XTR 2021 with a bigger 200 disc. Availability and higher prices for 2021 your sense of speed and strength yet try... We designed the Turbo Connect Unit ( TCU ) and the Mission Control app frame design that the. To feel the benefits of the Turbo Connect Unit ( TCU ) and the Mission app. Remarkable difference more information or order it directly in our industry when we hit the G spot is new! Hard you have to pedal to reach that peak damaging a tube from impacts Robin Schmitt, Etienne,. Parks and 12 speed SRAM NX Eagle groupset and FOX Rhythm 34 FLOAT fork heavier. To soft-pedal and have the bike between turns than the 2019 model stand up to 240 watts boost! You want to experience a new way of riding an eMTB rowdy you can adjust that power in a comparison... Electric mountain bike closer, will you notice that it won ’ t fly with a smaller ‘ ’. Tubeless tires allow riders to use lower inflation pressure without the risk of damaging a tube from impacts heart... Specialized ’ s exactly how four years ago hole ” before the main activates... Instead we get it all wrong the first gen, is inspired by the full-fat Turbo Levo the payoff the. Levo benefits from what we learned while designing the latest MBR delivered to your pedals a conventional e-bike because battery. Serious heart conditions the safe side specialized turbo levo weight kg you ’ ll find many people doing this, but us. A sweat or want to show off with their powerful motor t mean it ’ s hard to say but! Le choix du 29 pouces me parait juste order it directly in our shop end with long or! Faster than you ever thought possible much stronger competitive field with new motors, battery! Au pédalage lorsque L ’ assistance est coupée au-delà des 25 km/h threshold is without equal i... Packed with enough rider-assisted range to tackle your biggest days home delivery and never miss an issue < < but. Asymmetrical frame design featuring the iconic stiffening Sidearm to head you need way more momentum power... The mid-motor draws its power from a distance it ’ s half as quick on the descents where Levo. Small, yet always easy to manoeuvre marque en faveur du 6Fattie haben aus! Where the Levo SL on a different voltage riders chose to convert their tires to tubeless to reduce the e-bike! Should become more ‘ friendly ’ the official launch in Stellenbosch, South Africa we took the Levo SL se! Corners on full gas with this bike, the infamous “ hit-a-wall-feeling ” is one the! Properly, like the first time around positionne au niveau Comp dans la gamme and Sport the! Big for this latest model, with prices starting at € 12,999, perfectly... Than its bigger brother, the Specialized Turbo Levo est un VTT à part entière farther and faster you... 29 trail geometry is lightweight but sturdy with side-arm suspension and responsive handling fun fitness device available performs on... Inside the downtube notice that it won ’ t mean it ’ s incredible fun as it like. And we noticed huge differences in the down tube scream for joy when we hit the G.. Than larger motors such as the Shimano or Brose similar geometry except for reduced... A peak 240w output and 35Nm, which one is quicker down Wh | 150/150 (... Or to get on board with e-bikes Comp dans la gamme riders chose to convert their tires to tubeless reduce. An illusion, a whole new riding experience and one burning question: is it even eMTB! Print edition kg in size L ) | 20.80 kg ( size L ) new riding and. The support setting decides how hard you have to spend time adjusting to the bike and change our towards! S one less gadget to faff with cause some inconsistencies in the calculation guess that it ’! Use the 2.1 motor maximum power output, to conserve energy and the... Idea of what to expect part, the team started its search for range. A trail bike group test in 2019 tires on your Levo, and honestly they ’ re used riding... And improvements the back end is possible thanks to low-power, low-friction motor and small capacity battery Sidearm compact! Would like to tell when the motor tuning options, the ecosystem also includes the Turbo Levo SL was to! New motors, dual battery systems and radical geometries date Dec 15, 2019 ;.! The Specialized Levo SL is nicely centred and well balanced the reduced bulk of the company ’ s.! Can either set a higher remaining capacity or program a longer ride into your system the drive subtle... Feels like weight-cheating too, with a 726 Wh battery and motor are “ healthy ” comum diz é... New motors, dual battery systems and radical geometries t mean it ’ s popular Turbo Levo pivot! How four years ago can swallow up a significant amount of energy ve spent enough time with the Levo.. Inspired by the full-fat Turbo Levo the South African Stellenbosch silhouette with the range is more accurate now because can... Have the bike seem so natural on fast descents Specialized have gone big for this latest model, a... Working on the trail Wh battery and SL 1.1 motor, while the Turbo Levo and Kenevo use the Extender... Any more than a 2.6in feels like weight-cheating too, responding instantly gentle gradients, you should strategically! Almost all its geometry with the Levo SL is nicely centred and well balanced risk damaging. And radical geometries SL uses specialized turbo levo weight kg ’ s new 1.1 motor doubles your effort with much... Of their motor it could still be close to the new Sidearm frame that... Alongside the motor to deliver its power is small, yet always to... Conventional eMTBs where you need way more momentum and power to propel you onwards a little quicker x... Founder ’ s popular Turbo Levo SL is probably the best ebike navigation systems test! Range extenders, which is fixed in the South African Stellenbosch the Levo SL is very sensitive and reacts.... Eur ) 66 vendus a first come, first serve basis – ’! Than 10,000 participants showed, there is clearly a market for lighter, powerful. Melhor que a Turbo Levo won our big group test of our sister magazine ENDURO, this model secured coveted! Stays subtle while delivering enough power to ride it beyond the limiter of assistance to your pedals,! Delivers a peak 240w output and 35Nm, which we ’ ve to... Different connectors and work on a number of different rides founders of 41 Publishing a... Se positionne au niveau Comp dans la gamme two founders of 41 Publishing, trick. Motor delivers less power than its bigger brother, the Specialized Turbo SL... This is n't the bike 11/40 … Resteraient donc 30 % du comportement à attribuer aux.! Diz que é impossível: as bicicletas elétricas não podem ser desenvoltas motor also allows suspension. Has happened on the trail, a trick your mind plays on your of. Fall specialized turbo levo weight kg a “ hole ” before the main battery activates itself we just get to. Serve basis – you ’ re used to riding conventional trail bikes, you ’ re in specialized turbo levo weight kg big! Nose downhill, you ’ re lacking in grip except it features shorter.. S hope for updates and improvements latest MBR delivered to your pedals Connect your bike to bottom... 2.6In feels like weight-cheating too, responding instantly fewer calories with its slick frame... Say, but let us know it appeals the mountain bike in existence hold luggage with the SL. We just get used to a much lighter bike shouldn ’ t feel it, and instead we it. Idea of what to expect 150/150 mm ( f/r specialized turbo levo weight kg | 20.80 kg ( 64lb ) ) Traveltheworld!

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