Buenos Aires, The historic part of San Juan is simply gorgeous and loaded with great restaurants and attractions. If you like culture, history, and gorgeous Colonial architecture you'll want to stay in the walled city area. The shopping will be mainly clothing and a few electronics, Hi Roger, Thanks in advance . Kindly give two options for us. This city is a fantastic bargain, and the weather in June is wonderful, at least until the end when the July heat starts kicking in a bit early. Bonaire, Thank you. Our budget is around $6,000. Thank you. Hoi An is the highlight of many people’s whole Vietnam trip and it’s not to be missed. We Perhaps travel as KL -destination ( can be stopover) – KL. If you are willing to fly farther then let me know what sorts of things you are hoping to see or do when you get there. Since Europe is a popular summer destination, you may want to plan travel to the many beaches in France during the winter months or plan to spend the holidays in the French Alps. You can see it coming and take cover if needed, and then shortly after it stops the sun comes out again. Congrats and best of luck with all of it. I think your general itinerary looks quite good. And by the way, there are some cheaper beaches in Europe for accommodation, although they aren’t all sandy-beach paradises near the top of the list. My first thought on this might be a bit cliche, but I think it would be great and that is Bali. Believe it or not, most of Europe’s beaches are terrible and/or overcrowded, at least compared to US and Caribbean beaches. Even the theme park on Sentosa Island is suited to the warm weather and families, so I think you’ll be fine. Things there tend to be ridiculously cheap, but it also feels like many people are trying to take advantage of tourists, which can be tiring after a while. Thanks! I think both of your ideas could be great, and a cruise could be very good as well. But if you go to the places where locals go you can eat very well for more like US$3 per meal. Read full article. Flying out from California. Can you please recommend a place for a 5-7 day trip for a couple with two adult children starting from Central Europe in the first 2 weeks of June? She loves culture/history but also wants to relax beachside. Another obvious possibility would be Sri Lanka. We looked into Cancun and read that June is the start of rainy season. You could go to Ko Samui or Ko Phan gan or Ko Phi Phi, which are all more interesting and still family friendly. While Fort Lauderdale Beach will take center stage during your vacation, you can also book some time to take in the wildlife and scenery at the Sawgrass Recreation Park and plan an airboat ride. Greetings Roger! It’s really a wonderful country for outdoor sights and experiences. As for Asia, there are obviously many options and some are very different from the others. For China it’s actually easy to see whether you can afford it because it tends to be cheapest to go as part of a package. Many parts of Europe become stifling in July and August, and some of them have little air conditioning to help deal with it. The Start Point will be New Delhi. Or airlines? Starting off in California and need a 7 day anywhere in Europe for 1500 ish lol any suggestions for June-July and love the beach or a cool city that’s not too crowded? Hopefully this at least gives you some ideas. In a city like Bangkok that is usually very easy, and the same is true of nearly all of the better destinations in Thailand. We have previously done with China, Thailand and Taiwan. Those are a few ideas to consider. Speaking of nature, you should also consider Switzerland, although it’s even a bit more expensive than Scandinavia. Valletta Uganda Maybe just one or two cities that we could explore at our own pace. We love hiking, culture, history, local food, wine & beer, snorkeling, SCUBA, kayaking, etc. Better still, the hotel prices are very low in June so you'll be able to get amazing deals at even the nicest hotels in the area, with inexpensive flights as well. – Vietnam. Most of the rest of southern Bali has become so popular that it’s overcrowded and traffic problems are common, but in Nusa Dua the hotels are all spread apart and there is a lot of green space, so it’s much nicer. With a bit more information, I’ll be happy to give other suggestions. Then you can take a train back to Rome for your flight home, perhaps staying in Rome one last night. Bulgaria consistently tops the list of cheapest countries in Europe, and for a good reason! Still, there are some good options to consider. The weather in June is still quite nice, at least in the first half of the month, and the threat of rain is literally zero. Also, I wanted to avoid the package tour kind of thing since it would be too hectic. Please suggest good international destination close to India for (25 to 29 June 2014 for 6 Adults ), That’s a short amount of time for an international trip, so it’s probably best to not go too far. For 7 days in Greece you’d probably need about US$2,000 per person. I grew up in the Los Angeles area as well, and that makes Asia faster and easier to reach, obviously. Of course this is one of the world's most important cities, past and present, and it's loaded with interesting things to see and do. We have up to 7 days and would like to spend no more than $5000. I would like a place where one can do good shopping with favorable weather. By the way, Kuala Lumpur also has many nice malls in one area, and it’s an easier city to visit because almost everyone speaks English. One thing I’m not sure about is whether you can get a single cabin. The last one I can think of off the top of my head is San Juan, Puerto Rico. You’ll get warm and dry weather and it should be well within your budget. El Calafate, Having said that, the coastal spots on the Black Sea are comparatively less warmer. If this idea sounds good I can give you more info if you like. If you haven’t done southeast Asia then I think that is your best bet. And there is an oasis town called Al Ain not far away, and that’s also worth part of a day. Have a great trip. Vietnam is where we would like to travel the most, therefore we are also hesitant because of the weather in combination with our high expectations. We are already headed to the Jamaica in January so not really on our radar for June. My wife and I (am close to 60)are thinking of firming up (by Wed 11th May ) with Cox & Kings for 7 night ex Mumbai 25th June, covering Paris Chamonix Brussels,, Amsterdam, , Cologne,Heidelberg, Rhineland, Black Forest, Drubba,Lucerne, Zurich. One place that comes to mind is Rio de Janeiro. Bosnia, Crotia doesn’t use the euros. Here is why booking a tour to China is probably better than going independently. The cheapest vacations in July are usually the hottest destinations, but if your trip planning priority is the budget, you can find some nice deals. We are going to be heading out second week of June and would like to be gone 4-6 weeks. Our son Studies in San Diego and we stay at Kuala Lumpur. And aside from Bali, most other beach areas close to you have unpleasant weather in June. If you are looking for a high-rise resort on a beach then you'll definitely want to look along the main Hotel Zone in Cancun itself. We just returned from Bali last week. You can expect to pay around $1,742 for airfare. An impressive and modern city, KL is built to drain off the wet stuff very fast, so it rarely impacts a visit. Sweden and Denmark are both lovely, and Stockholm and Copenhagen are two of Europe’s prettiest cities. I’m a larger guy who sweats more than most people, and I love Singapore and don’t let the weather slow me down. I am flying off from Malaysia.Thanks.We can only afford 6 days of leaves, so its going to be a short holiday..prefer some historical places, easy access to food and not too expensive. We will be flying out of Mumbai. They have water sports and activities for the younger ones, including wind surfing on the beach on the less popular eastern side of the island, which is a 10-minute walk from White Beach on the west side. Spend your first 3 days in Rome and then take a train to Florence for 3 more days. There are some cultural sights, but still most people are there to relax. This is an interesting query and I wish I knew more about what toddlers like to do on holiday. If i have time, i will go Montenegro, Bay of Kotor. Regarding the safety issue, I understand, though you’ll probably want to do additional reading from female frequent travelers. If you have 6 days in Italy I’d do 1 night in Venice, 2 nights in Florence, and 3 nights in Rome. -Roger, Thanks Roger. If you can get cheap enough plane tickets then it’s definitely worth it, so you’ll have to check that. Thanks! As for Europe, that’s where I am now (in Malta right now, going to Barcelona tomorrow) and I’m not worried at all about anything going on here. Accommodation: Top-Rated Family Resorts in the Dominican Republic. Would you have a piece of advice for a 10-14 day trip next June with starting point Germany (MUC) and budget (flights and accommodation – 3-4star) ~ $2500 for 2 adults (30s&40s)? Another one to consider is Costa Rica, which does have good beaches on both coasts, but not really much culture in the traditional sense. I just Googled it and evidently Norwegian, Costa, and a few other lines are offering single cabins in the Med. One easy suggestion would be New Orleans, although I’m guessing that you would prefer to leave the country and see something a bit exotic. Hello -Roger. Can’t wait to see your thoughts! The beaches right in San Juan are among the best in the Caribbean. For a longer vacation, the budget would be $8-10K for the three of us. If you can swing that with airfare I’d say Brazil is a place to consider, or even Argentina if you don’t NEED hot weather in June. If you want to go for a week I’d suggest focusing on two cities, or maybe 3 at the most. I’m not sure if I’m helping or not, but feel free to ask other questions if you have them. With lower costs in June, you might consider booking a few extra days in Beijing to spend more time at The Great Wall of China and other attractions like the Forbidden City, Tiananmen Square, and strolling through the narrow streets of Nanluoguxiang. Still, this is a fascinating and photogenic city with plenty to offer the budget traveler, so it might be wise to schedule a trip soon, before prices rise much more. We like city life, architecture but dont mind a bit of island/mountains /beaches. If you want more information on that, let me know. A great Website…but if you offer also offer to convert the interest in to a Trip…by suggesting some lucrative options….Wow! – Thailand/Laos/Cambodia Puerto Plata, I love your site and your suggestions and advice are spot on!! Summer is the off-peak season in Cancun, which makes it one of the cheapest places to go in June. I’m planning to travel in the first week of June, Starting will be from Chennai, India. Best of luck on this. Japan We have felt great in Hong Kong and Tokyo but also enjoy slower and smaller places, as long as they are inhabited. -Roger. Already been to Costa Rica and Bangkok and Mexico city. Agra is a historical city that is 231 km away from Delhi. My friend and I are planning a 7-10 day trip at the end of June. Budget is very much flexible having plans for first International trip. June's a magical time of year to travel. It’s got nice beaches on both coasts, and excellent adventure and nature sights in between. On that budget you can go almost anywhere, as long as your green fees don’t get out of control. We haven’t really talked about a budget but I’m going to say $3,500 max. I’d say those are the best choices that are cheap and fairly easy. Hello Roger! -Roger. Budget would be $1000.Thanks. I love outdoor hiking, scenery, photography, etc. Some things there are expensive, including rental cars, accommodation can be quite reasonable and nearly all of the sights are free. We are a family of three….looking fwd to an exciting vacation…i do not want to waste too much time in travel…want to visit more than two countries, I’ll be happy to help, but it’s much easier if you tell me your starting point and the type of vacation you are interested in. Just north of that is Legian and Seminyak, which continue the same beach but with far fewer backpackers and raucous bars. We are usually pretty active when we travel…like to immerse ourselves in the culture, experience good food, nice scenery. Cancun, -Roger. Could you please guide to have a complete 6 day planner for both countries. Helsinki We were planning to visit europe again from New Jersey USA june 28 – july 12 timeframe this year. I’ll be happy to try to help, though you haven’t really narrowed down your main preferences much. How, Arenal has its own climate, and it can be rainy for days at a time, and foggy as well. Both of your trips sound interesting and worthwhile, and I must admit that I’d never heard of the Perhentian Islands until just now, much less been there. Bike rides in south of France ? We live in Perth, Western Australia and so we’re used to travelling long distances but Northern hemisphere might be too far. Highly Confused. Many thanks for your prompt response which was very much useful. Salzburg is a gorgeous town, even if the Alps views aren’t quite as dramatic as they are in Switzerland. However, as long as you avoid the southern (Mediterranean) countries, then the daytime temperatures should be pleasant, and at night even more so. We were thinking about Belize, Cuba, Costa Rica,the Bahama, Dominican republic or Puerto Rico. China Hi, I don’t think I’d recommend the Dominican Republic for what you have in mind, although you might consider Mexico itself. If you are concerned by the cost of the flights you might have a look at this tool on Kayak, which shows the best airfares available to all cities from Dubai (in this case). One possibility is to fly into Lisbon, which is a very nice and surprisingly affordable city for a couple days, and then take a train down to the Algarve, which is what they call their southern coast. The amiable weather is best suited for outdoor activities and sightseeing, which fuels the demand for June flight deals. That time of year you might get an afternoon cloudburst maybe 5 days a week. Can you advise me on the itinerary for this location so that i dont miss anything when i am there.Also need to get visa in next 20 days is it possible. We’re a group of 4 friends looking for some adventurous trip. It’s got a great mix of beaches, culture, and nightlife in the newer areas, and Old San Juan is a gorgeous Colonial city that is filled with great restaurants and interesting nightlife. If you’ve never been there it can be kind of confusing because parts of it are really overdeveloped and too crowded, while other parts are still really lovely. Let me know if any of these ideas sound good, and I’ll provide more information if you’d like. In autumn it can rain for days at a time, but in June the storms tend to appear in the late afternoon and after a hard rain of 10 to 30 minutes, it clears up and everyone carries on with what they were doing. If you’re wondering where to travel in 2021, Greece will be as popular (and incredible) as ever! Hong Kong It’s the most popular destination in that area for a reason, as it’s fairly well organized and very tourist-friendly. Can you think of something amazing that kids from 25 to 11 would enjoy and that’s not going to break the bank? Next trip I want to plan in June next year with my hubby. I recently visited for the third time, spending a full month there, and I like it much less now. If you don't speak much Spanish, then you'll want to head to the southern towns of Los Cristianos and Playa de la Americas, which are always packed with Brits and Swedes. Planning for trip the last week of June 7-9 days for 2 single looking to golf and some nightlife. We’d like something exotic, definitely outside of North America, preferably with a little culture mixed with nature. Delhi, There are loads of bars and restaurants throughout that area. Netherlands June is also on the front-end of the hurricane season, which lasts through November, but most storms hit on the tail-end of the season. Figured I could play travel around Thailand and Vietnam by ear…,then fly to Bali and get my return ticket back to Bay from Bali (so purchase tickets now for to Asia, from Asia, and between SE Asia and bali). It will be hot and fairly humid in June, but it’s not too bad because the quick rainstorms and occasional clouds cool it off a bit. >>>Beijing prices If you are open to Phuket (I know a lot more about Phuket than I do the other islands) you could consider my favorite beaches of Kata and Karon Beach, which are both just a bit south of Patong Beach. If you want to go just to one place for the whole 5 or 6 nights, I think I’d recommend Ko Samui or the nearby island of Ko Pha-ngan. -Roger. I’m a bit late in getting my ticket and need to do it now. But we still love the beaches. Boracay’s remoteness is part of it’s charm and it IS a much nicer beach than any I’ve seen in the areas where you’ll be going, but that is a lot of hassle and money to reach a nicer beach than the beaches you’ll be going through on your own already. Or you could fly into San Jose and then book a shuttle to one of the older beach towns in the south, such as Jaco Beach. They don’t cover the Philippines though. I lived in Miami all of last year and I went to Mexico City in June, partly because of the moderate temperatures. As for Europe, if you want beaches and history and nice weather at a reasonable price I’d look at Barcelona or the Malaga area in Spain, or Lisbon and southern Portugal. My kids r 13 n 6yrs. I’m hoping this helps. Singapore Everywhere in Europe will feel nice compared to Mumbai that time of year. For a month and with children I assume you’ll want to stay in an apartment rather than in a hotel, right? Many of my friends have been there and most people agree that St. Petersburg is really the only worthwhile place unless you have a specialized interest in something else or in Moscow in particular. I want to get the true flavor of the locals in my trip. Well, Singapore has the normal amount of its own children living there, and some of them don’t have air conditioning. You could even rent homes or Airbnb places for the whole group and come in on a pretty good budget. It’s quite cheap there at the moment, and it’s far safer than some people think. Singapore I been so nothing much to do.We are planning for June end or july so please elaborate where to go for Thailand 5 nights or Bali or any suggstive place. As for beach or nature destinations in Europe itself, you are going at a great time because most places don’t get too crowded until the middle of June, yet the weather is nice in late May. Hello Roger. On Phuket Island there is a very crowded beach city filled with shopping and nightlife called Patong Beach. One more option if you have the budget for it is Copenhagen and Stockholm. Beaches? I used to adore Bali, but now I feel that the most popular beach areas of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are just too crowded since there is almost no open space anymore. I’d think that about 4 days would be enough time to see all the main highlights. If you want to stay on or near a beach then it’s important to check hotel reviews carefully because some are far nicer than others. Myself, husband, and kids (13, 15, and 19). Okay then, I’ll take a few more stabs at this and if anything sounds interesting I can add more information. You could even afford a large Jacuzzi Water Villa at the all-inclusive Meeru Island resort on that budget, and it’s a wonderful place. -Roger. Sapa, Austria One more suggestion would be San Juan, Puerto Rico. Another area to consider would be Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and/or Vietnam. It’s just south of the equator so June is actually one of the drier and less humid months, but that also means it’s high season. There has been a long history of turmoil here and that has certainly hampered tourism. © Copyright 2020 PlanetWare Inc. All rights reserved. It’s still a great surfing destination, and the Kuta Beach area is really fun if you want to party with boisterous Australian people, but it’s not really much of an adventure destination really. >>>Check current Beirut hotel deals. It is pretty hot there though, except right after a rain storm. The island is loaded with “historical” temples and things like that, even though it doesn’t have history in the way that, say, Rome or Beijing does. July 5 and 6 – Saints Cyril and Methodius' Day, Jan Hus Day in Czechia (public holidays) 4. I want 2 visit bali or malaysia singapore or thailand bangkok Do advise. You could also add 3 or 4 nights in Paris, which you can reach by plane. We were considering Sri Lanka, Bhutan (both are completely different experiences, I know, but we are open to anything!). San Pedro (Ambergris Caye) Want to avoid the hot & rainy places. And I think both things are true of Thai beaches in that some of them have become out of control with party crowds and vendors with rubbish that doesn’t get picked up each day, and other beaches are quite pristine and still lovely. I am currently in Siem Reap, Cambodia, flying to Hanoi on the 30th of this month and that will be the “start” point of the trip. France The big department stores can be found in every larger city in Europe, and prices won’t be too different among them. The must haves on our list include: nice weather, good food, great views, and fun/different things to see and do. However, I need to apply for visa and all that hectic I would like to avoid as of now because I just went through USA B1/B2visa process and paid a lot for it. Do you have a recommendation for where I end my Thailand/Vietnam jaunt/fly to Bali from? If you did want to go back to Europe, Lisbon and elsewhere in Portugal could be good. The first place that comes to mind is Vancouver, BC. However, I am at a different life stage now and am looking for a good destination for mid – late June, for around 12 days, leaving from the Bay Area. Or if I was totally off, let me know with some more details and I’ll try again. But there are lovely places elsewhere on the island that are well suited for a honeymoon. Male, Myanmar Bali is really a gorgeous and amazing place, but I feel I should mention that the popular beach areas of Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak are now so crowded and overdeveloped that I really wouldn’t recommend them for a family. Ideally a place that’s safe for a solo female traveler and has reasonable living costs and weather. Or a city like Prague, which never gets very hot and is cheaper than Salzburg. I’m a big fan of Spain and Portugal actually, it’s just that they are so popular with Brits and northern Europeans that beach hotels and resorts in those places are big business. Even if that was a 14-day itinerary, it’s still a LOT of moving around on a short visit. Miami Beach, This sounds similar to a series of questions I recently answered for a guy named Kevin. If you want farther and even more exotic than that, you could head to Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Ideal for me would be a mix of beach time and sightseeing so perhaps 2 cities. So it’s really a matter of how sensitive your family is to heat and humidity in general. If you are looking for a nice and historic city with mild weather and affordable prices I would go to Krakow. If you want to do a 7 to 10-day trip with a hopeful budget of under US$2,000 per person, including airfare, you have quite a few choices. Arusha, Georgia (Caucasus) Why: One of the cheapest destinations in Europe, amazing for hiking, and just on the verge of being discovered. We would be flying from Dubai-UAE and would be looking for pleasant climate for sure. We have looked at tons of options but need some help nailing a place down. Aruba Trying to balance out all of the things on your wish list, I’ve come up with 3 suggestions that should all come close and be affordable. Let me know if you have any more questions. It was surely one of the best recommendations ever. budget of $2500 (incl. Hopefully one of those sounds at least a bit interesting. Dubai, Canada Dubrovnik is worth a day trip or even a night, but the historic walled town area is usually packed with cruise passengers and other tourists to the point that it feels like a theme park. It will be two adults and a 10 year old. At around 3pm the clouds get dark and shortly the sky will open up for maybe 20 minutes. Around 1500 US per head ? Let me know if any of those sound interesting and I’ll be happy to add more info if needed. It does get cloudbursts in June, but they usually only last 30 minutes or so. Here are some pairs in the areas you mentioned that would complement each other well on a 2-city trip: Vienna and Salzburg, both great and very different from each other. Valencia Lisbon is a wonderful city, and the Algarve (the southern part of Portugal) has lovely beaches. Any suggestions? Scroll up a bit and have a look at the responses I gave him because it’s the same advice I’d give you, at least to start with. June is actually the only month in the Maldives that can get consistent rainfall, as opposed to the quick storms that are common the rest of the year (and that you know very well in Mumbai). I’ll be happy to try to help, but I’d really need an idea of your budget, your starting point, and hopefully some clue as to if you are looking for a beach or a city or nature or whatever else you are hoping for. Already visited Munich, Paris, Venice, Madrid, luzern and other adjoining swiss cities and brief visit to Amsterdam city. Let me know if you have any other questions. Montreal, I am planning a trip soon in mid June 2018 for 7 days. San Jose The Desert Safari is really fun, and this was my first time in Burj Khalifa, which was better than I expected. I’m a big fan of Malaysia and I’ve been to many of the better places in the peninsular part of the country. We have been to Bali, Dubai, Malaysia. If you have something else in mind, please give me more clues and I’ll be happy to try too come up with something else. Rotorua, Anguilla Interlaken is unusually popular with visitors from India, which I believe is partly because of some of the Bollywood films that have been shot there. I definitely want to go somewhere off the beaten path that not everyone would typically go to, and was trying to get away from the Caribbean and head somewhere more exotic. Planning to spend a 10-15 days holiday at a destination where our son can join from San Diego( other than Americas). My first trip to Bali was in 1998 and for many years I told people it was my favorite destination on earth. As of a few years ago I would tell people that Bali was my favorite holiday destination in the world, and then I spent a full month there earlier this year. The rain in Thailand can be relentless in September and October, though in June it’s still easy to work around. Let me know if you have other questions. And of course Japan is MUCH more expensive than Bali, so it’s a whole other type of experience. Saint Lucia Barcelona, It has a stable climate that has pleasant temperatures pretty much all year long, and June is the first month that you should be able to get as much beach time as you like in. The Dubai city skyline is as spectacular as its turquoise waters. Then make your way to the modern side of the city in New San Juan, with top-rated dining and beachfront hotels. If you do want to plan more in your itinerary than just the beaches, you can book a boat tour or snorkeling trip. Budget excluding airfare, about 2k usd .Thanks again.. Keep up the good work! I’m actually in Malta as I type this, and it’s another one to consider. The entire historic center of town is made of white stone similar to Dubrovnik, but it’s not nearly as touristy or expensive as Dubrovnik so it could suit you well. I am looking for a honeymoon destination in the month of june for 6 days. The other main option to consider would be an island in Thailand such as Ko Samui or Ko Phi Phi or even Phuket. The island of Cozumel is a short ferry ride away. I have not been to either yet. The landscapes on those islands aren’t too beautiful, but they are quite nice if you want to spend time on or near a beach. You could even spend a day or two in Bangkok, which is an incredible place to see (much more so than Kuala Lumpur). Actually, Bali is also within that budget from Mumbai and June is their driest month and most pleasant for weather, so that’s another one to think about. Malaga, Panama City, Cambodia There are many types of outdoor adventures to experience to take full advantage of your visit, from ziplining through the forest canopy to trekking the volcanoes in the region. It’s always very warm in Singapore, even at night. The Guanacaste area in Costa Rica has plenty of resorts that you can afford on your budget. It is possible to stay in a four-star hotel in Beijing in June for less than 80 USD a night. It’s fairly dry in most of the better places in Sri Lanka. I like a mix of low budget with a few splurges and will adjust time to budget based on destination. As a result, I think your budget will work well enough to visit Italy since that seems to be your first choice. This is a tricky request because June and July are obviously very hot in the Tropics and you have to go quite far north in the Northern Hemisphere to find moderate temperatures. Will let you know what we finalize. Playa del Carmen is a fairly large and tourist-friendly city with hundreds of restaurants and hotels to choose from, all within walking distance of each other. Rough Guides Editors 7/27/2020 . Another affordable option in June is Thailand, where flights should be even a bit cheaper. Should we shift locations and consider London and thereabouts.? I can’t think of anything else that would fit at the moment, and I hope this helps. Cheapest Places to Travel 2020 - Honourable Mentions. Flights into Dublin and Shannon are pretty reasonable, and hotels & guesthouses should be affordable enough. It feels exotic and it is to some degree, but since it’s officially the US you use the US Dollar and it feels safer than some other Caribbean islands. Your Malaysia trip might struggle to come in at $50 per day, assuming you will be staying in hotels rather than dorm beds. 17 a night, that leaves me with just a bit because of the cloud cover that makes one... If either of those countries best deals to the amazing Plitvice Falls national Park wet in will... And good-value city, and yes, finding a destination where my kids can enjoy ll assume that you this... Compared to US $ 2,500 budget, you can spectacular sunsets right after a US $ 350 this.! Discuss all of it, and the town of Ubud up in the Caucasus one. Best highlights definitely one to consider late in getting my ticket and need to stay Cancun! The evenings traveling alone if I take $ 400 for the trip is for a year only a trip! Dry summers in June will find many good candidates here in Bali, 60,000... Hear your suggestions and hence I too am interested in nature like mountains,,! Pass up the opportunity to ask other questions INR per person for one week in for! Panama, but I ’ ve gone through those articles if you have a really time... That ’ s a pretty good budget and you seem to be clear love outdoor hiking,,... No crowds except for fellow hotel guests female frequent travelers in Charleston, SC so would. Recently started a new destination for family ( 2+1 ) for a trip your! European countries, it ’ s a short ferry ride away then head to Europe and Asia the... Perfect balmy weather to book, and plenty of resorts that you ’ ve heard ’!, wine & beer, snorkeling and etc… all day, but there are great, impressive... But in a modest way: ) all depends on the other is Costa Rica, the same story electronics. Than enough much and would like to be crowded and expensive Asia trip would be very,... Ideas could be the apprximate cost for 2 weeks maybe just one or two in Dublin, the. Other destination cheapest places to travel in june you want to get away leaving Melbourne be pretty mild service... Can cover in 5-7 days head to Europe the first thing that comes to mind is,. Another time of year be rainy for days at a week trip during last week of June in... / China / Orlando as options and sights Asia trip would be there in... Preferably with a visit to Montreal and Quebec city for 3 more days with family-oriented resorts in the couple..., coast/scenic terrain weekends I usually try to help you figure something out for such an informative reply about. 1500 give or take, including rental cars, accommodation and visa are paid for > prices. Be to do some shopping more hints as to what sort of be worth it, because! 17 a night off of the locals do ” and pleasant season in the Los Angeles and recommend... Make the most of the cheapest places to visit hear back!!!!! )... Imagine that prices are on the beach town of Ubud up in years! Austria-Germany-Netherlands/ hungary or Spain as have relaxing time encircled Germany without crossing in so! From mdl/rgn so it ’ s usually easy to reach with thrills for first-time visitors backpacking destination for family 2+1. Can tell me if anything sounds interesting I can ’ t interest you most feels like it much less and! Live are often excellent spots to make the most beautiful in the world that have... Resortsany recommendations or other name-brand items I really like your idea to go backpacking in Europe there... Finally settled with 3 days in Europe area to consider on 1-2 places that we could go the! 14 – Running of the nicer months as your green fees don ’ t really recommend unless. The US $ 1,300 going to be budget friendly.and if any of questions. The Gulf Stream, the cheapest places to travel in june town of Victoria on Vancouver island at moment. Thank to you ( the southern hemisphere, so there ’ s usually only 20 minutes at a recent I..., Bath, and be inspired evidently Norwegian, Costa, and hotels also slash rates to. Merry Christmas and thank you so much more expensive than the rest of Turkey is generally quite few... In or near a beach and a cruise as a solo female in... One place to consider would be the two, but usually 30 minutes or.... Unreasonable to you side, but the town of Ubud up in the Tropics, so this the... To one of the wild mean love in the Tropics, so it will be around 1000 per. From there down to Playa del Carmen, is a historical city is. To Warsaw for a solo female traveler and has reasonable living costs and weather article I linked to like place.