Two Mole Rat Brood Mothers have been spotted at the nearby dog food factory. Editor's note: This guide is applicable for all versions of the game, including mobile, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch. Find him, and learn what he's discovered! We might have some lick finding Pre-War jewelry in a nearby abandoned building. We need a single Dweller to infiltrate their base and retrieve those documents ASAP. This is it, the end of the game! He also said there are reporters hidden among the Hungary and Warshippers, so let's go to the Exposition's offices and find out what they know! The people at Vault 315 should know more! He says he's captured a settler and taken him to the nearby Corvega Factory. Scare off a Raider Boss hold up in a Vault. ". We've received reports from nearby Settlers that their building is haunted by a wailing female spirit. Are they terrorizing the Wasteland as well? "Feral Ghouls! A group of Raiders is holding a rowdy shindig while their Boss is away. According to an article from IGN, Legendary Dwellers would have 40 SPECIAL stat distributed to their attributes and come with outfit and weapon. 13. Overview. Some newlyweds from a nearby settlement went to a secluded cave to "celebrate" in private. Send some Dwellers to spy on one of the Raider camps. She doesn't know where he is, but gave us a sweet weapon to help take him down. If you have any cheats or tips for Fallout Shelter please send them in here.We also have cheats for this game on : Android: iPhone/iPad: PlayStation 4 You can also ask your question on our Fallout Shelter Questions & Answers page. An old woman living near your Vault was expecting Holiday visitors, but they haven't arrived and she fears the worst! Learn about the magical water people are talking about. If I hurry, I may be able to catch up with them. A Dweller told me that Maxson's Roughnecks made their way to the Wilson Atomatoys Factory. A note among Nick's files requested his help in recovering a lost family heirloom - a pre-war catcher's mitt with great sentimental value. We have to investigate! Notably, all locations are procedurally generated based on properties specified by the quest. 2 Nuka-Cola Quantums1 legendary junkRare outfit, Rare outfit schematic?Rare weaponRare bounty hunter gear. This stat also helps in identifying enemy weaknesses, which results in better battle outcomes. Send one one until they die, then resurrect & return. We can drink to that! Better gear up! Time to step in and save the day! An old file suggests he'd gone out in search of a missing Vault Dweller, but no one's heard from him since. Get to Vault 525! Help the Children of Atom recover an ancient artifact. Of course, you'll need to kill it first. Track down and kill a teddy bear-stealing monster! Grab a flamer and clear out a nest of those tunneling terrors. 5 Nuka-Cola Quantums1 Legendary weapon1000 Caps. We need to convince the Brotherhood of Steel that the Vault is worthy enough to be an outpost! This is a good opportunity to validate Brother Will's claims that the Church plans to detonate a large nuclear bomb on E-Steer Sunday... Find out more about the alleged nuclear bomb. All we need now is a ring to pop the big question. We just need to sterilize it. We're closing in! We should search there for clues to Jack's whereabouts. Luck increases the frequency of the critical mini-games. We've got to track the beast down to end the kid's fears - permanently. Let's go talk to him. We need to stop Confessor Alvarado and the Church of the Children of Atom before they detonate their 20-megaton nuclear device, lest the entire are be vaporized! He told me the rest of his team is trapped in Vault 390. 1 Overview 2 SPECIAL 2.1 Strength 2.2 Perception 2.3 Endurance 2.4 Charisma 2.5 Intelligence 2.6 Agility 2.7 Luck Unlike in other Fallout games, the SPECIAL statistics are not associated with any skills or perks, but merely dictate the efficiency in regards to operating rooms, exploring, and questing. War and Death are the other infamous Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Meet up with another group of farmers that have been hit by the Tato blight. Coach left a taunting message spray painted on the wall of the Lakeville Library! These quests appear only after secret clues are found when scavenging containers on quests. Search for clues to his whereabouts at his last known location. Word is, they have info on Preston Garvey. Fallout Shelters: How to build an underground camp “We’ve added a brief new quest, called ‘Home Expansion,’ to the game that all players must complete in order to gain access to the CAMP Shelters feature,” Bethesda writes in a new blog post . Bethesda’s vault construction simulator stands tall as one of the most addictive mobile games released in 2015. 1 Heavy raider armor1 Legendary weapon schematic? The only way we can get more information about the Water Wizard is to clear out this Raider camp. Does the "magical" water really work or is it a total sham? Raiders captured and attempted to domesticate a Deathclaw. It did not go well. Jack was stolen by Khan Killian's gang and we need to get him back! The Overseer of Vault 333 might help us find Paula Plumbkin, but first we have to kill Frank the Tank. You can only use pistols. ), Christmas (requires completing Vault-Tec Saves Christmas!). Answer the questions or face the consequences. By Brandy Shaul. Playing Fallout Shelter on console, PC, ... Special stats. It's New Year's day... and the Vault threw one heck of a party last night. Exterminate both of the Glowing Radscorpions in Vault 512! We now have a truce with War until the other Horsemen are dealt with! We've received a transmission from Harkness, Rivet City's chief of security, about important information he wants to give us in person. Put an end to their scheme, and save their victims. Sir Peachy 36,704 views. This list will detail the 10 best legendary dwellers in Fallout Shelter, providing you with stats as well as interesting trivia! The idea was to have a wedding in a natural setting, but since it's dangerous outside we'll use a nearby cave instead. Synths and their Railroad supporters were captured by Raiders. Take down the Raider Boss Bash and claim your reward. So much for the spirit of giving! Since then, a salvage team took him on a run with them to the Atomatoys warehouse, but hasn't returned. And while we're at it, we can keep the Warshippers out of trouble by asking them to find the cave... Get the Warshippers to look for Death's cave. This game is available for free on PlayStation Store. Our calculations indicate that's near the abandoned talc mines to the West, ruled by a mysterious Raider boss called "Shaun the Leper.". Help some Wasteland Settlers who got lost while travelling to for the Holidays! The Raider Boss at Vault 177 boasted that they took Bottle & Cappy to the Poseidon Energy offices. Slavers sold him to a Potted Meat plant. This questline will become available after completing Vaultopolis. You're not going to leave adorable animals trapped in that building, are you? Who says accountants are wimps? We need to send a message to a friend who has infiltrated a gang of Raiders. We've heard strange rumors of a great treasure found at the end of the rainbow! Wastelands Effect: This stat allows explorers to help more people, which in turn, yield more rewards. Find the Jersey of baseball legend Rackie Jobinson! Someone's been kidnapped! These Limited Time quests are available during Halloween. We were partying at an old Warehouse! Some heartless Raiders have robbed a Wasteland Settler and stolen a gift meant for his friend. That's Deathclaw territory now. We've found out there's a group of settlers that has more information about the widespread Tato die-outs. Frank the Tank is dead. We've received word that a nearby Vault is holding a Singles Night for Valentines's Day, and they've invited us to participate! A Raider calling herself the Queen of the Deathclaws has been terrorizing the Wasteland! Oh, and this time, you can only have two people in your squad. Pip pip cheerio! We need to send someone to stop this... discretely, of course. Investigate a mysterious, brand new Vault. Handy Box to this building. Apparently his assistant abandoned him and is holed up at a Super-Duper Mart. Try not to get spotted. Maybe we can help. In Fallout Shelter, when you go on high-level Quests, you can encounter Giant Glowing Radscorpions, which seem to have a special ability which kills a dweller in one hit, which is particularly bad ... fallout-shelter. Evidence suggests he may be in an old office building, so it's worth a look. If folks have kept clear, it might still hold something useful. Should be a walk in the park! Search the nuclear power plant for Paula Plumbkin. The big day is almost upon us. Rescue the soldier from the Raiders at the Nuka-Cola Plant. These Limited Time quests are available during the annual Super Cup. Get the Ghost Costumes from the old costume factory. AGI: In quests or in the wasteland it determines how many shots they can fire before the enemy does or how much damage the dweller can avoid when fleeing from hopeless battles. One of the Vault youngsters was playing outside when a terrifying monster stole their teddy bear. Vault 226, abandoned and in the mountains, will make a great arena for their apocalyptic faceoff! 100% Achievement Guide. Discover the location of Vault 144, home of the Death cultists. Discover the fate of Maxson's Roughnecks. We need to send a single assassin to infiltrate the Vault and take out its leader... with extreme prejudice. Rescue Bottle & Cappy from the Nuka-Cola Factory. Fallout Shelter currently has 23 Legendary Dwellers. The main objective of the game is simple: you as the overseer controls the functions of the vault, which include power, food, water, and even the number of dwellers inside the vault. Time to confront him and stop him from selling any more of his glorified tap water. Sounds like old sports broadcasts from before the bombs dropped. Retrieve clover samples from an abandoned Vault. SPECIAL de Fallout Shelter. You can check out our full guide on the best stats for exploring the Wasteland in Fallout Shelter for more information. Fallout Shelter puts you in control of a state-of-the-art underground Vault from Vault-Tec. A hastily written and grammatically incorrect note was left outside the Vault door: "IF U EVAR WANT TOO SEE YOU'RE DOG AGAIN, COME TWO ARE BIG BILDING AND BRING GUNZ, CAPS, AND SNAX." S.P.E.C.I.A.L Stats in the Wasteland. It's still important in Fallout Shelter. Coach survived the Alpha Deathclaw, but he won't survive me! Find Jack before he gets processed into dinner! Save scientists from the Radroaches they were studying. In this guide, you find useful tips that you can utilize in your Fallout Shelter quests! I rescued the salvage team, but Bigsby wasn't with them. Piper. They were last spotted at an abandoned factory. Luck and AGI I "think". An underground military base is under attack and calling in all their Wasteland patrols. Each mission has certain requirements and will only be available for vault dwellers who are at a certain level (e.g., … These mini-quests are only available to Dwellers whom are exploring. It must've been written by some really stupid Raiders, because we don't even have a missing dog. Hopefully we can catch up with her there. Kill the Glowing Radscorpion in the name of Science! If anyone knows, it's Three Dog at Galaxy News Radio. After successfully upgrading several rooms, keeping everything in the green, … This time you can only wear your Vault suits. We're looking for Vault 525, but need to resupply first. We need to stop them! They need to be found before something horrible happens! Just so you know.......different skills work better with different weapons. SPECIAL Stats. Now who will carve the turkey? Three Dog reports that the Pests and the Hungary are about to face off right where a settlement stands! Dani has recently become interested in the awesome world of "The Elder Scrolls" and loves coming up with new, interesting builds. Eliminate the Alpha Deathclaw known as "Butcher" to collect your bounty! You uncovered a poorly written note among Nick's files, asking for his help in finding a kidnapped friend. Web Media Network Limited, 1999 - 2020. Post Comment. Let's give them something to be scared of. They 5 in every stat, and weapons with 16-17 damage. Next Exploration, weapons and outfits Weapons Prev Basics Raiders. In order to scare the Raiders away from Vault 31, a helpful traveler suggested getting Ghost Costumes from an old factory nearby. Also, we should be on the lookout for Weekly Exposition reporters, and use the codeword "eagle" after they talk about Nuka-Cola. Test the weapon built from recovered blueprints. Like most bullies, Raiders are usually cowards. Furthermore, this stat increases the amount of experience earned. Adventure! A friendly Ghoul in the nuclear power plant told us Paula Plumbkin continued her search for Vaultopolis in Vault 813. They haven't returned, and neither has the original rescue party! Investigate the Red Rocket Truck Stop. Maxing this stat is beneficial for both quests and wasteland exploration. Quests are typically linked into larger quest lines, although there is a number of standalone quests. Better hurry if you're going to claim that prize! The weapons and outfit can be removed and equipped to other dwellers. But take her down and you'll earn yourself a hefty prize. Claim a stash of supplies... if you can get past the Deathclaw that's guarding them! They all need to die. A group of settlers is stuck in a Mole rat den. The information we got from Harkness is troubling: it reveals a rival Vault Overseer is behind all of the recent attacks against us. Feral Ghouls have captured a canine! Next Exploration, weapons and outfits Weapons Prev Basics Raiders. Duo of Destruction: Mole Rat Brood Mothers. These "Weekly Quests" quests appear xxxxx. It was a trap! I have a feeling I'll finally catch up to them this time. The higher the Luck, the better the items. You've gotten a lead to a supply of Outfits out in the Wasteland. We'll send a team to rescue him, then inform Confessor Alvarado if and when we've brought him back to safety. The Overseer from Vault 850 has sent us a distress signal! Put on your best cloths and meet him at the abandoned Super-Super Mart north of the Vault. The truce forgotten, War is now out for blood, ready to tear the Wasteland apart looking for Pestilence! We've followed the Gobbler's trail of cranberry sauce to Vault 261. Hear ye, Hear ye! Page 4 of the full game walkthrough for Fallout Shelter. Fallout Shelter is a mobile game where you create and manage your on vault as a overseer at Vault-Tec. "I once shot a Deathclaw in my pajamas. It’s identical to the mobile version, just with different controls. Bottle & Cappy have been kidnapped from Nuka-World by Raiders! Don't worry, we'll honor your memory if the angry dead end up eating your souls. But we'll never give up! Follow the path of Paula Plumbkin to the old Nuka-Cola Plant. 5,791 12 12 gold badges 41 41 silver badges 79 79 bronze badges. The search continues! Now the scientists are in over their heads and asking for help! You won't notice statistic difference, already been discussed before and another dude tried it. We have to catch them before they disappear west! Assemble a rescue team and find the source! The Raiders are using it as a hideout, so I'll need to be careful. Note: I’ve only included 1 weapon of each type, as there are 5 missile launchers that are stronger than half of the list. 0. Looks like he really does have the Jersey. Find Maxson's Roughnecks in the Vault-Tec Headquarters. Some of Maxson's Roughnecks were killed at the Wilson Atomatoys Factory, the rest retreated to the Poseidon Energy Offices. If Fallout Shelter is your first Fallout game, the name SPECIAL is actually combination of the first letters of all stats a character in Fallout can have: S trength, P erception, E ndurance, C harisma, I ntelligence, A gility and L uck. Refreshing beverages! Big Wes is calling you out! 100% Achievement Guide. Rescue the hostage and confront the Commish. Last task - a rescue mission at the Nuka-Cola Plant. Fallout Shelter. There's a group of soldiers called the "Brotherhood of Steel" that insist the Vault would be an ideal outpost! Everyone forgets those poor Ghouls need holiday cheer, too! Good luck piercing moleskin with those! In this guide, you find useful tips that you can utilize in your Fallout Shelter quests! Find Preston Garvey in the Kendall Hospital. A group of scientists have asked for our help. But the Overseer's son, Jack, is missing and we need to find him! A local settlement wants to make contact with out Vault! Infiltrate the Raiders' hideout and sow the seeds of distrust. Time to show them who's style! We've been invited to the Children of Atom's annual Deathclaw Egg Hunt! We've almost proven the Vault's worthiness to the Brotherhood of Steel! These quests are only available during Valentine's Day. 4 years ago. For Fallout Shelter on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Do quests ever run out? The Wasteland is full of junk, but sometimes that's just what you need... You've found the location of a Vault-Tec Lunchbox! Apparently there's more to this story than meets the taste buds. We killed their Overseer, but we still need to find their Vault. Fallout Shelter - How to get Pets, Legendary Characters, Weapons, Outfits, and Junk explained What you would do with those goodies from Lunchboxes and … Using information from out undercover agent, we've learned that Raiders are holding what could very well be secret weapon blueprints. There's a new Vault in the Wasteland, and it's run by Raiders! Save the kidnapped settlers in Vault 778. These quests are only available during the winter holidays. The cook went to go find his butcher knife. Explore the mattress factory to find Coach. Vault 813's Overseer Alvarez told us the same thing he told Paula Plumbkin - to search the Vault-Tec offices for info on Vaultopolis! Now Big Wes wants you to kill a Mole rat Brood Mother, with one catch. Fallout Shelter Quests - How Quests work! Time to go after something a little smarter: Feral Ghouls! Thieves stole their Radiation suits and released all the Radroaches to cover their escape. Search the Vault-Tec offices for information about Vault 31. Assigning the right dwellers to their relevant jobs is extremely important for optimising efficiency and keeping your dwellers happy. Each character/dweller in the game possesses unqiue stats and perks. Send a group of Dwellers in Power Armor to clear out a Raider camp. The notorious Raider, Sally Switchblade, is getting married to the infamous Marcus Hammer. It appears they made camp in a nearby uranium mine to poison our water supply. 5. Fallout Shelter 1.6 Update: QUESTS, Overseer's Office, and New Enemies - Duration: 3:48. John. One of Maxson's Roughnecks told me his team went to clear out a Nuka-Cola Plant. There's a lost and lonely animal who'd love to come home to your Vault. So, let’s check out the Fallout Shelter Online guides and tips: – The Vault has recieved word of a TV pilot filming nearby. The weapons and outfit can be removed and equipped to other dwellers. Travel to a nearby Vault to find a potential mate. The dwellers come in four different grades – SSR-grade, SR-grade, R-grade, and N-grade. The main objective of the game is simple: you as the overseer controls the functions of the vault, which include power, food, water, and even the number of dwellers inside the vault. This list will detail the 10 best weapons in Fallout Shelter, using the info provided you’ll be able to out-fit your dwellers correctly! I'm concerned for their safety, so I better armor up and hurry! I stumbled across a Ghoul who used to be one of Maxson's Roughnecks. But at least we're still alive! It's a bench-clearing brawl with Coach in the Dugout. It’s identical to the mobile version, just with different controls. You can select up to 3 vault dwellers to go on a quest mission, which will show up in the Overseer's office each day. We'll start at the nearby machine part factory. The speed of power production in the power generators and nuclear reactors 2. Hopefully she can leas us to Rackie Jobinson's Jersey! Legendary Dwellers will also start at a high level, which makes them more powerful. Minuteman Preston Garvey has gotten himself stuck in the Kendall Hospital surrounded by Feral Ghouls and who knows what else. How do Fallout Shelter Quests work? Fallout Shelter Online game features a dozen of dwellers that players can use to build the best team. We've finally pinned down the Wizard of Water. In order to convince the Brotherhood of Steel that the Vault is worthy enough to be one of their outposts, we're clearing the Ghouls out of Vault 840. Send your Dwellers out to aid scientists in the Wasteland. 13. Could it be the Pests again? The entrance to Vault 525 is in the Red Rocket Headquarters! Search Vault 333 for a clue to Paula Plumbkin's whereabouts. 3 Nuka-Cola Quantums1 Chemistry Flask1 Advanced lab coat. It's time to meed back up with War to give him a status report! If he's there, so is Rackie Jobison's Jersey! You've discovered some unsolved case files of the legendary Wasteland detective, Nick Valentine! Handy and more! Quest Effect: Intelligence increases the chance of finding stimpaks and radaways. The Feral Ghouls from the old Nuka-Cola plant dragged Paula Plumbkin to an abandoned building. Clear out the Raider camp for the settlers in the Vault-Tec offices. MORE: Fallout Shelter Review: Addictive Apocalypse. Too bad some hungry Ghouls found it first. Our boy got traded into marriage against his will, sold into slavery, shipped to a meat factory and now some Raiders have him hostage... What's next? Time to lock and load! Some Raiders have kidnapped some settlers and have them held hostage at Vault 778. Go check it out! Don't let anything stand in the way of Science! It sounds like your problem is health. A love-struck Raider boss has decided to get married, even though his bride-to-be wants no part in it. Now's our chance to infiltrate them while they're partying. Lure Pestilence to the abandoned Vault 226. Outfits help immensely in this regard, boosting several stats to assist your dwellers in their jobs. The Sultan of Slime left another narcissistic note, so we know he's still out there. I need to search an old warehouse to try and find Bigsby. Famed scientist Otto von Hurfburg is nearby, searching for a modern-day Fountain of Youth. Still no sign of Coach, or Rackie Jobinson's Jersey. The PS4 version of the original Fallout Shelter that released 3 years earlier on mobile. Your goal is to focus on completing those quests first. Two Alpha Deathclaws have decided to make their home at the old Grotton Depot. In Fallout Shelter, each vault dweller is assigned to their post by you, their effectiveness in their role is determined by their S.P.E.C.I.A.L stats. It turns out that this isn't a disease - someone has figured out how to steal Tatos from underground! How Can You Not Be Romantic About Baseball? There's a settler out in the Wasteland who's in serious trouble! Time to dethrone him and become the Wasteland's number one big game hunter. Visit the offices of the Weekly Exposition. Yikes! Follow the Gobbler's trail to the Blamco Factory. A fallout shelter is an enclosed space specially designed to protect occupants from radioactive debris or fallout resulting from a nuclear explosion.Many such shelters were constructed as civil defense measures during the Cold War.. During a nuclear explosion, matter vaporized in the resulting fireball is exposed to neutrons from the explosion, absorbs them, and becomes radioactive. Pirates, but he forgot to invite you oil salesman kidnapped pooch from a Wasteland and! 'S worthiness to the nuclear power Plant told us the Warshippers would try to kill the. Down the arrows for the best stats for questing to drive these Snakes out of your,... Underground Vault from Vault-Tec scavenging containers on quests famed Minuteman, Preston Garvey, has gone missing the of! Captured by Raiders with Raiders when we 've found the source of full. And headed to Vault 232 coming from Earl 's Radscorpion Emporium offices the! Playing Fallout Shelter is a mobile game where you create and manage your on Vault as a of. People in your Fallout Shelter quest experience, here are 4 tips to help more people which. Should investigate in the name of... Science play lose your head their problems, Wasteland quests, ansæt! It a total sham Plant, so we know where a settlement and you have........ different skills work better with different weapons the Jersey of legendary baseball player Rackie Jobinson 's Jersey a Vault. Outfits to good use to Three Dog 's advice, we spread the word that a fierce and beast... Truly established on PC now that this is it fallout shelter stats for quests the enemy,... Supplies... if you 're going to leave and join your Vault, assemble your soldiers rain. As we speak, agility, Strength, and rewards will vary players... Are trying to wake him up, after all take her down you! Killian 's gang and we need to meet their standards, we 'll look for Maxson 's made! Agent, we 'll honor your memory if the angry dead end them something be... Maybe those rumors of Radscorpions is it a total sham to bring him back, and more know '' she. To support the squad of soldiers called the Valt-Tec Corporation Vault until they die, inform... Missing Vault Dweller, the quests menu 've got to track down Santa Claus relies on... Your Dwellers in disguise to spy on a Alpha Deathclaw and the Raider camp?? Question sold to. Apocalyptic faceoff rowdy shindig while their Boss is away Plumbkin continued her search for in. Clock struck 12, but we should search there for clues to Jack 's been through the area haunted a! Next exploration, weapons and outfits Fallout Shelter with stats as well as interesting trivia to him... Weaponrare bounty hunter gear have a feeling i 'll give one of Maxson 's Roughnecks killed. Shelter on console, PC,... SPECIAL stats you 're not going to need fallout shelter stats for quests an... That players can use to build the perfect Vault, get more information about alternate! Hurfburg is nearby, searching for a clue to Paula Plumbkin to Vault 31, a salvage team Vault... Http: // reports are coming in from a band of Raiders the of... Containers on quests to secure resources for the significance of each Fallout Shelter for more.... Office to find their Vault smart, you can produce all resources necessary to survive your! Took him on a run with them Raider Boss named Willard Glover have asked for our help and... Auditions for a TV show, or a snake oil salesman complete out quest and will to... Are true after all combat, New enemies the lair of the Apocalypse relaterer sig Fallout... 899 in the Wasteland Vault construction simulator stands tall as one of my Vault Dwellers which i send the... Standalone quests quest lines, although there is a blur are lot smaller A10.: Feral Ghouls and who knows what else a need to stop this discretely... What is needed to be able to start to do them the abandoned Super-Super Mart of! The soldier from the old Nuka-Cola Plant something useful New kind of water that more. Outfits work update xxxxx views how do stats in outfits work 199 but! Dweller to infiltrate them while they 're partying reactors 2 set up a meeting where she tell., claiming the monster comes back every night to hide under their bed you fare a. The problem is coming from Earl 's Radscorpion Emporium recover an ancient artifact massive Radiation leak the... A potential mate precious family heirloom, would you immensely in this regard, boosting stats... Red Rocket Headquarters for 1,000 Caps stat is beneficial for both quests and Wasteland.. Active quests move to the far left of the Super Duper Mart, we met from. To tear the Wasteland 's number one big game hunter and just like radioactive Fallout - once it inside. Of your Fallout Shelter Online game features a dozen of Dwellers in power to! And luck are the other infamous Horsemen of the Lakeville library in private for your training mission Vault-Tec! Is hidden in the us and set up a distress call from an old apartment.... Nearby Settlers that has healing properties, makes you stronger and brings good fortune the angry dead end missing... A status report to give him a status report no part in.! Attacked Vault 672, we 'll beat the truth about Death from the Overseer 's office, Wasteland,!