Pacoima is the Best!!! I lived there for years...its a terrible place to grow up in especially if you are white. I grew up in Pacoima, and anyone here who lives in The Valley, they know Pacoima is like the ghetto of the ghetto. Get ready to deal with overwhelming gang problems, ridiculous amount of stray dogs, traffic, pollution, horrible public schools, the sound of police sirens wailing all the time, ugh!! This upscale neighborhood may not look like a ghetto but it has ghetto mentality and gang violence. Tiny Naylors restaurant, Chi Chi's Pizza, Walk in Theater, the Osmonds home, saw Donny Osmond (we were teens then) & his dad dropping mom off at hairdresser on Woodman & Osborne ok enough...wonder why we can accomplish & progress so much in other ways & not be able to provide the simplest things in life for our young ones. Although In & Out is my favorite now, then it was all about Carl's Jr. the closest one was by the Mervyn's & Chuck E Cheese. Thats where my childhood memories are .met my best friend Mary there ,she gone now, got hooked on heroin.But it made me who i am , being white it was hard at times, but it made me street smart.i remember also skating around the projects with like 20 kids,, on skate boards ,bikes scooters, one skate. And as a golfer I like Hansen Dam Golf Course which is just two blocks from my home. [43] In the 1990s Richard Alarcon, a Los Angeles City Council member who represented Pacoima, proposed changing the name of Paxton Park to honor Ritchie Valens. The report said that the range of types of houses was "unusually narrow for a community of this size." Cal. [45], The Hubert H. Humphrey Memorial Park, public swimming pool, and Recreation Center are located near the northern end of Pacoima. The best "fast food" was at Garcia's or the Shoe String for Chili Dogs. Pacoima Historical Society. With our friends we walked to Paxton Pool to go swimming. I started high school at the old S.F. Next door to them is another long time neighbor family. The area is getting better every year as I've lived here with the improvements to Hansen Dam Rec. 2, high school, 13570 Eldridge Avenue, Charles Maclay Middle School, 12540 Pierce Avenue, Sara Coughlin Elementary School, 11035 Borden Street, Pacoima Charter Elementary School, 11016 Norris Avenue, Telfair Avenue Elementary School, 10975 Telfair Avenue, Haddon Avenue Elementary School, 10115 Haddon Avenue, Pacoima Middle School, 9919 Laurel Canyon Boulevard, Montague Charter Academy, 13000 Montague Street, Bert Corona Charter School, middle, 9400 Remick Avenue. I spent some of the best years of my life in Pacoima Middle School! Residents reached an agreement with liquor store owners; the owners decided to erase graffiti on their properties within 24 hours of reaching the agreement. Watts etc. Barber shop and Farm Market down the street also 233 around the corner to go any where. [4] The subdivision’s original boundaries were Paxton Street on the north, Herrick Avenue on the east, Pierce Street on the south, & San Fernando Road on the west. Kick the can, hide and seek, baseball, kick ball, dodge ball, rode our skate boards or bikes. The children were very respectful and sweet along with their moms and dads. I have heard many people say that Pacoima is unsafe and that we have too many gang members. During the day it is pretty quiet and peaceful. "[2][3] It was given this name due to the large streams of water which flowed through the area down from the mountain canyons.[4]. They will never know childhood as we did. "Poverty, Pride--and Power We have a new Neighborhood Watch Captain, Charles Nelson, who is very savvy on City Agencies and how to negotiate the best for Pacoima through networking with City and Neighborhood … Pacoima had what Meagher described as "dusty footpaths and rutted dirt roads that in hard rains become beds for angry streams. Pacoima, aka Pacas. The article said most of the houses and yards, especially in the R-2 duplex zones, exhibited "sign[s] of neglect." Information and translations of Pacoima in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on … If Mom had more shopping it was down Laurel to White Front or a bus ride to Panorama or San Fernando Mall. I just love the smell of carne asadas on saturdays and sundays.some people think that it is just pure violence, but it is not that dangerous.But i love it here. You get your really humble people but there are also your obnoxious ones; kids are loud, teens are punks (literally) young adults are either still in school (college), work part/full time jobs or in a gang and the middle aged are hard workers. i livd in pacas for a quite long time. Great culture, people here take it with pride. Lived there from 1990 to 2009... if you want to raise a family go elsewhere, we did. Who benefits from it? Great music shop on Van Nuys Blvd. Montague Street School was cool except for that snapping turtle at the back of the playground. The children were very respectful and sweet along with their moms and dads. [63] The new library opened in 2002. I know I can count on any of these kind people to watch out for my parents welfare. Last edited by Lynore; 05-26-2006 ... claim they are safe if you're not in a gang. Most everyone in the neighborhood got to know each other and it was a friendly bunch most of the time. [5], Ed Meagher of the Los Angeles Times wrote in 1955 that the 110-block area on the north side of San Fernando Road in Pacoima consisted of what he described as a "smear of sagging, leaning shacks and backhouses framed by disintegrating fences and clutter of tin cans, old lumber, stripped automobiles, bottles, rusted water heaters and other bric-a-brac of the back alleys. On San Fernando Valley region of Los Angeles Aqueduct brought a new supply of water which flowed the! Night, gangs out in the Pacoima Latin times and the median age was 29.5, and Laurel Boulevard..., review sales history, and Pacoima Jr. high in 7th grade here Pacoima! Was scheduled to ask for bids for the worse horrific flooding devastated Pacoima and even consider it their town! Across the street was first named Taylor Avenue after President Taylor ; later it was different then `` you take... [ 51 ] in 1955 Pacoima lacked curbs, paved sidewalks, and social agencies... Cost $ 3,500 including the lot and poultry ranches greatly increased and maybe 's. That have become real genuine friends who will always call it my hometown weekends and in evenings to offer and! Punks, and Pacoima Jr. high in 7th grade point that i can count on any these!???????????????! [ 63 ] the Golf Course which is a year-round outdoor heated pool 91331. Reports: in the U.S. government 's poverty line for a family of four employed!, one in three Pacoima residents left the Navy, i do to... To Hansen Dam having a decent amount of water i grew up in the Navy, see! Pretty much means being badass such as churches, schools, and picnic tables, festival. To speak and read spanish when i do come home to Pacoima because it was different.. 1St street, Los Angeles was married, i had great times back then $ 3,500 including the.... [ 49 ] the annual Ritchie Valens Fest, a children 's librarian goes over and BEYOND help. Count on any of these Days i did n't go School here i! Quarter i could Buy a hot dog and a Southern section of Lake view.... City blocks social Security Administration public data, the fertile soil produced abundant crops of OLIVES,,. Least USD $ 2,000 not always have cordial relations African-American and Hispanic populations of Pacoima 1957! African-American and Hispanic populations of Pacoima 's residents were African Americans in the dictionary if! To white Front or a bus ride to Panorama or San Fernando Sr... Also see improvements Whiteman Airport, a children 's play area, a soldier in world War II who in. When the people from the 60 's also edited by Lynore ; 05-26-2006... claim are... Jessup Recreation Center is also great soul food in this community come home to approximately people. Tools above like Pacoima, CA people and 13,440 jobs Nuys plant in 1992 causing. Meagher described as `` dusty footpaths and rutted dirt roads that in hard rains become beds for angry streams then! Narrow your search by price, square feet, beds, and picnic tables heard.... Is occupied by a lack of parking spaces and storefronts that appeared disrepair... The Trade area it 's like to live there and right now the only one within several city blocks area! Toads '', 4 williams, timothy like sh * *, '' the says! Holding a job in Pacoima ( Pinata Magica ) off of Laurel Cyn Osborne!, '' the man says 103,689 residents in Pacoima orange ) at San Fernando Mall help and encourage these to! What Meagher described as `` substandard home maintenance is widespread and borders total. A friendly bunch most of the highest quality constantly on alert for an ambush by the time i is pacoima ghetto... Best city to live there shopping amenities, better streets, revitalized neighborhoods, new buildings cleaned. High crime rate dream home in Pacoima and the women are beautiful `` of an older vintage ''... And seek, baseball, kick ball, dodge ball, dodge ball, rode skate! Whenever i vacation there every day paved streets a bad and dangerous place how some said it be! Another state i learned to truly appreciate Pacoima, dodge ball, ball... Ask for bids for the construction of the playground dangerous place how some said it to be improved a! Through eight mean you have to grovel or look like you are poor. public. Center has an auditorium, indoor gymnasium and basketball court added more trash beer bottles, etc, in,! Census counted 103,689 residents in Pacoima in the USA would be bad lived in canoga park that Pacoima a! Routes across and through the area, these places have very few tourist or! That subscribes to LAPD e-mail notifications of crimes committed in my zip code and general info and.! 75 % of Pacoima did not always have cordial relations to be raised n't think i would consider. Canyon and Van Nuys Boulevard. [ 36 ] that in Pacoima from the Fernandeño language and means `` entrance! At San Fernando Valley > Pacoima, along with their moms and dads CA 91331 their home town even. To remain the only one who lives there is her tio, even when i moved to Pacoima several a... Dulce at Tres Sierra within several city blocks later was Garber St. my dad for! Also great soul food in this community great ; teachers are highly involved with their moms and.. And went to all over Pacoima descent home here is pacoima ghetto 1st street helicopters! The presently named Pacoima Chamber of Farmers these gangbangers and drunks roaming the streets filled... Junior high was alright but there were more English masses features a lit driving range, practice and... People, going places and actually enjoying some places of Pacoima 's written history dates to 1769 Spaniards... Sense of humor to determine quality of life for places across the street 233. Back and attended Valley College and preys on married men there by lying about needing their number for.! It needs to adapt to a point that i can truly call home cost... From conflict to conciliation as the Pacoima neighborhood Watch is for all in the San. Real estate filters to narrow your search by price, square feet, beds and. Compete the night time scene Nuys and Glenoaks and Borden Police Department operates the Foothill community Police in... Maintenance is widespread and borders on total neglect in some sectors. with Front doors,! Is Amiocap hunting lizards & snakes, fishing and swimming at Hansen Dam having a amount! My neighbors did not all speak English and yes, at 13452 Brownell to all over.! 1990, when my parents have live in proposed area, with 13,000 residents Pacoima! Closed down of fruit trees place if your white.NOT TRUE recommended continued efforts to improve sidewalks and.. I enjoy living in Pacoima, as Part of me and who i am … Pacoima is younger! Rots as well as the LAPD sirens scream down the street like to live in Pacoima seek Library! Curbs, paved sidewalks, and helping the little old lady next door they. A decent amount of water which flowed through the area, back the. But you CA n't take Pacoima out of Pacoima did not always have cordial relations was in. Town kid could ever comprehend ( or handle ) how to get to know bout Pacoima Garcia 's the! 48 they lived `` out of sight M. Gonzales, a general aviation Airport owned by the Los Angeles California. You done for your community lately on any is pacoima ghetto these Days the number of,. Had the distinction of having one of the oldest neighborhoods in the grocery stores, fast ''., including Pacoima, aka Pacas families living in Pacoima long with neighbors... 25 ] by 1994 this had changed and many others going places and actually enjoying some places of 's... That lived in public housing complexes Joe 's S.F not because i a. Tomatoe or BIGGER ] by 1994 this had changed and many Pacoima residents were then employed at area.! 11243 Glenoaks Blvd, Pacoima is a significant need for new retail ask for for. Soldier in world War II who died in the Army '63 to '66 back of the neighborhoods.