Common Interview Question – How Do You Prioritize Multiple Projects? You can copy your task context if you're doing similar task again. Interview Question: What Does it Mean to Give Exceptional Customer Service? To organize your day, start by writing down everything you want and need to do that day. Highlighting your time management skills, organizational skills and your ability to maintain a healthy work-life balance can show employers you are capable of taking on multiple responsibilities and performing efficiently on the job. Exercising before work, and practicing mindfulness while you do it, is a great way to relieve tension and get yourself mentally and physically prepared for the day. The new TED@Work program includes hundreds of inspiring, actionable TED Talks and accompanying exercises like these — expertly curated to help you and the people in your organization learn and grow together. Organizing your top priorities in the sequence or the order that you prefer to handle tasks during the day. Then I update accordingly, using highlights to show which projects I am currently working on. One of the trickier questions is "What techniques and tools do you use to keep yourself organized?" By applying these simple tips to better organize your day at work, you will experience a range of benefits to help ensure you leave your work at work, get out on time, and sleep at night. Walk me through a normal work day for you. Required fields are marked *. Interview question for Operations Coordinator in Toronto, ON.How do you organize your work load and day-to-day operations? 18. Employers ask this interview question as a way to evaluate your time management skills and to assess your ability to distinguish between urgent and important tasks. Knowing this, I try to limit the number of daily tasks and save time in the event that I need to make adjustments for any changes to my daily workload. Read our example answer and learn what the interviewers really want to hear. Review your list and check off the tasks that match the requirements of the position you're seeking. So employers may ask you how you organize. Use the following steps as a guide to help you answer this interview question: When the interviewer presents this question, be specific in your answer about how you manage your daily work assignments. Your ability to organize is probably one of the most overlooked components of a good employee. The employee can see and manage their benefits, address change requests, absent requests, work time tracking, and many more without holding it to HR command. It is a great idea to review your resume before entering the interview process. It also helps them get a better idea about you personally to see if you’re a good fit for the company. Common Interview Question – How Do You Prioritize Multiple Projects? Okay, well, that’s great, but it says very little about your long term planning, your ability to notice deadlines, etc. When you’re supporting others and handling tons of tiny details throughout your day, being organized is key. Even if it is true, there is no way the interviewer can be sure. 2 Check in with your co-workers or staff. Give me an example of how you prioritize your projects. Employers might ask what you’re passionate about during an interview to understand what motivates you. Take an inventory of your most important task and work one at a time. I order my list by level of importance and deadline so I can focus on the most critical and urgent tasks first while keeping all other tasks on the list to make sure they get done as well. Then you can always return to it later. He's figured a few things out about being successful financially. Interview question for Project Manager in Kansas City, MO.How do you organize your workday/work week. Explain exactly what you will do to organize your daily activities. I am a recruiter and do ask this interview question. Give an example of your system in action. In this article, we review how to answer this question with several sample responses to help you make a great impression and increase your chances of getting the job. I picked Nathan up as he got off a private corporate jet. ", Related: How to Prioritize Tasks in the Workplace. Indeed is not a career or legal advisor and does not guarantee job interviews or offers. This helps keep me from getting overwhelmed, and I can reevaluate my expectations about my deadlines.". This question seeks to find out what you do during a typical work day and how you do your work. The interviewer is interested in how you manage and prioritize tasks because he or she wants to see if you are suited for the job position. Finally, I give my supervisor access to the document so that they can also verify that I am on the right track. Then, be sure to mention your hard skills, like software programs … Describe how you schedule your day. Topics include ranking your priorities, breaking down large tasks, handling changing deadlines, master to-do list, estimating time and effort, dealing with interruptions, asking for help at work and managing long-term priorities. Because I review what I need to do at the end of every day, I’m able to re-prioritize quickly if I’m given a new urgent task during the day.