Left untrimmed until the spring, they will stand up beautifully all winter, showing off their silhouettes against the snow. Light and frothy, moor grasses prefer sun but tolerate part shade. Quantities are limited for some plants, so you can start your planning now to ensure that you can order the plants you want in March. Ornamental Grasses Plants Frost Grass (Spodiopogon sibiricus) Frost grass brings a bamboo-like look to the garden with horizontal leaves, which take on purple to burgundy tints in fall. There are many drought tolerant grasses and a variety of native grasses. Equally important and vital to growing native grasses is the fact that less than one per cent of original Ontario tall grass prairie exists today. Tall Native Grass Seed. Canada Goldenrod has large branching heads of tiny yellow flowers. Showing 1–16 of 62 results. They vary in height, from the imposing ‘Skyracer’ (7 ft. x 32 in. 10 Plant - Value Packs. Ragweed, a native that flowers at the same time, is the one responsible for people's allergies, although Goldenrod, being conspicuous, gets unfairly blamed. Native species are the key to effectively reclaiming areas damaged during construction of roads, golf courses, parks, mining and energy projects. Grasses provide food and shelter for birds and other wildlife in the winter. Tall grasses The most famous of the tall grasses is the pampas grass (Cordateria), unfortunately not hardy in Ontario. These native grasses are well suited for both upland and lowland sites, and are tolerant of heat and drought, making them extremely versatile. This North American native plant is a great choice for a privacy screen, growing to about 6 feet tall with a 2- to 3-foot spread. We have the … This mix creates a beautiful medium to tall grass prairie. Fast growing species that form thick bunches, displacing native … Specializing in seed grown native perennial wildflowers, ornamental grasses, shrubs, vines and … This and Little Bluestem are the grasses … For the purposes of this website various sources are used, such as Newcombe's Wildflower Guide and other authoritative books. The significance of aboriginal-set fires is uncertain. Warm or Cool Season Grasses. Little Bluestem, Big Bluestem, Indiangrass, and Switchgrass are the legendary grasses of the Tall Grass Prairie. They are a natural component, or the basis of the designed native landscape — mingling beautifully with native wildflowers in both naturalized and formal settings. Results per page. Ornamental grasses are fairly new to the landscape scene—they've increased in popularity in the past couple decades. Miscanthus grasses range throughout the eastern United States, as well as some states in the west, including Colorado and California. Generally speaking, a species is considered to be non-native if it did not occur in the region covered by this website prior to the arrival of Europeans. In a larger landscape, grasses can be the foundation of a design that incorporates a succession of flowering perennials. Native grasses, especially, are also an attractive food source for birds and butterflies. We are a nursery devoted to the restoration of Ontario's native plants and their habitats. The use of environmentally friendly, native plants saves time and money reducing water, chemical, fertilizer and maintenance needs. Native tallgrass prairies in Ontario were once habitation for a unique assemblage of grasses and flowers, along with an equally diverse group of mammals, birds, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates, many of them had been designated as at-risk or … Native Grasses – from Short to Tall Native grasses formed the foundation of the expanses of prairies, savannas and meadows that once covered the greater midwest. Trees and Shrubs - Native Species: The distinction of Native and Non-native species is sometimes not clearcut. Tall Native Grass Seed This mixture contains the species that form the backbone of the legendary prairie grasses, Little and Big Bluestem, Switchgrass, and Indiangrass. We are offering over 100 species with 19 new species to look forward to in 2021. One last note on fall ornamental care. Ornamental grasses can be an excellent natural windbreak. ~ By Shaun Booth | Dec 3, 2020 ~ Native grasses are crucial components of healthy gardens yet are often overlooked in favor of more showy flowers.