I’m flying from Atlanta to South Africa through Turkey. Yes. Many Thanks Catherine, I appreciate your help. However, the credit card information that we publish has been written by experts who know these products inside out, and what we recommend is what we would (or already) use ourselves. Thank you! Opinions and product recommendations on this site are ours alone, and have not been influenced, reviewed or approved by the issuer. So your total would be 46 kg but each bag must not weigh more than 23 kg. I am allowed 23kgs of luggage per piece. At the recently published advertisement, the obligation of being a graduate from at least 2-year vocational school of higher education (formal education or open education) is announced. Be advised that we are not Turkish Airlines, but for these routes, you should be able to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on bag, and as many checked bags as you would like, as long as the combined weight of each is under 20 kgs. Thank you in advance. How many baggages are allowed in 20kg. I want to make each luggage to 32kgs. Like 20 kg in one bag and 10kg in the other. Please be aware that we are not Turkish Airlines – we are UpgradedPoints.com. You’ll need to give the airline a call to clarify. My ticket is economy class. Hey! For your flight, you and wife can each bring two checked bags weighing up to 32 kgs each since you’re flying business class. We recommend you contact Turkish Airlines directly to check what the policy is here. Turkish Airlines allows Economy passengers flying from India to Canada to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on bag, and two checked bags with a weight restriction of 23 kg. Thank you very mach, Denisa. Since Nigeria works on a piece allowance with Turkish, for this route it will be $220 for an extra bag. Economy class. I have two extra luggage traveling from London to Abuja. You should not have to pay extra for your personal item or carry-on. Can you please confirm us whether we are allowed to do so? This likely means, as a rule, they do not allow any bags over 158cm to be checked in. I have 2 bags that I think are overweight and the dimensions of one bag is a little more than 158cm, it’s 164cm. Those destinations work on a weight allowance, so excess baggage charges are calculated by the kilogram rather than by piece. Please be aware that we are not Turkish Airlines, we are UpgradedPoints.com. The carry-on allowance is 1 bag (8kg) for Economy passengers and 2 bags (8kg each) for Business Class passengers. I am traveling from Boston to Kathmandu (Nepal). Can I bring a bag of linear dimensions = 168 cm so that I don’t need to separate weight and if don’t, can I separate weight in two bags. If the box does not exceed max linear dimensions of 62 inches (158 cm) then it should be fine as checked luggage. My baggage allowance is 30kg, would it be possible to split the baggage allowance into 2 bags please? Find out the 2-letter code of an airline or identify to which airline a 2-letter code corresponds Find out the 3-letter code of an airport location or identify which airport uses a particular code Can you tell me how much we will pay for the extra 5 kilos? Your guitar will likely qualify as an oversized item and be charged an oversized fee. I´m traveling economy class and already have 23 kg and hand luggage included in the ticket, but need additional 23 kg. We advise you do check the allowance stated on your ticket as there are some exclusions to certain destinations and your ticket will tell you the most accurate information for you baggage allowance. I am traveling from Mumbai to Riga. Also, what would be the price for this extra luggage referring to Economy class. Since 1982, Turkish Aviation Academy has conducted training service activities of Turkish Airlines – the airline flying to most countries in the world. Private Health Insurance is provided during the training period. I am traveling from Birmingham to Cameroon and I’d like to know how much the cost of an extra bag weighing 23kg is, and how can I book it? Turkish Airlines’ website does not reference sizes for collapsible strollers. Passenger is expected to get the new pick up number from the airline handling agent. Your carry-on allowance is not included within this allowance so you can bring a carry-on bag weighing up to 8 kg and a small personal item (handbag or laptop bag). Hi Julia, this depends entirely on which fare type they purchased. What amount will I pay for 23kg in excess luggage from New York to Lagos, Nigeria? Thank you. Please, I need information. I am flying from Tbilisi, Georgia, to Atlanta, GA, USA I fly alone and I have 160 kg to take with me. Do I need to pay any extra charge to carry it in Turkish Airlines? To answer your second question, as you can see from the “Can I Pre-pay for Baggage” section above, Turkish Airlines does NOT allow passengers the ability to pre-pay. Hi, i would like ask how much extra Luggage costs. This route falls under the pay per piece guidelines, you will need to pay $290 for the first and $290 for the second extra piece. Actually, I will be traveling from San Francisco to Tehran with a connection in Istanbul and that would be a one way flight. Does it mean $23,5 per kilo or for 23 additional kg.? We have an economy ticket. Update: Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, passengers are only permitted to take a personal item into the cabin. The first two extra bags would cost $195 each and any additional bags would cost $235 each. You mentioned 40kg of luggage, is this what is printed on your ticket? Can I pack 20kg x 3 for two of us? One adult, two children, one infant – how many free bags can we carry with us? Also, how much would an extra 5 kgs cost? Hallo, I have a question I live in Germany Bremen and I am taking my flight here in Bremen connecting in Istanbul to Banjul with Turkish Airlines and I want to add another 23 kilo to my 46 kilo. If you go there, you’ll see that Manchester is Region 4, and Mogadishu is Region 5. Can you help? Thank You. Your article is so impressive and informative. In order to increase the student capacity of the academy, being in need of an aerodrome which will be used only by us is another factor. We are Upgraded Points, and educational travel website that teaches readers how to utilize points and miles to make their travel more affordable. Since that route works on a piece allowance, 23kg in extra luggage will cost $290. Both origin and destination are region 4 so the cost per kilogram would be $25. The only restriction is the weight. Thanks again. For this route, an extra piece of luggage should cost $250. I want to know if I can buy an extra bag of (15-23) Kg and what the cost will be? Each bag must also adhere to a max linear size of 62 inches. For this route, you should expect to pay around $250 for the extra bag. So you would be able to bring 3 checked bags. For this route, you should have to pay $220 for each extra bag. Hi, we are 2 persons traveling from Johannesburg to Oran, Algeria with a stopover in Istanbul. Hi. Thanks for reading! We appreciate the feedback! How do you manage to get the info for all the routes being requested here. I am traveling on Turkish airlines to Bremen Germany. Can somebody tell my how much I will be charged per kg for extra luggage from Manila to Turkey. I have 2 bags to check-in and each would have about 22-23 kg weight. Image Credit: Turkish Airlines. Traveling from the United States, your baggage allowance should be 2 x 50 pound bags. The extra bag will be $250. Mumbai is region 5 and Birmingham is region 4 so the fee would be $30.50 USD per kilogram of excess luggage. International Journeys That Work on a Piece Allowance. Hello, I am flying from Delhi to Malaga via Istanbul, Economy Class and on my ticket, it says 30K free baggage, does that mean that my cabin baggage weight is also included in it? 1 personal item: FREE 1 standard carry-on bag: FREE. For checked luggage, those destinations are region 4 and region 5, so excess luggage is charged at $30.50 per kilogram. Hi Erin, i am flying from Germany to Nigeria through Turkish Airlines and one of my luggage is over 23kg, please how much will I be charged for the excess? I read that maximum dimension allowed is 158cms. First, please be advised we are not Turkish Airlines and as such, we cannot answer this question with 100% confidence. Turkish Airlines allows luggage within the free allowance to measure up to 158cm (max linear). I am traveling from Valencia to Kathmandu. I’m traveling from New York to Albania and I have extra luggage of 35 KG. Birmingham to Jakarta would work on the weight concept, with Economy passengers being permitted 20 kg of checked luggage and Business Class passengers, 30 kg. Hi Solomon, please be advised we are not Turkish Airlines so we cannot answer your question with 100% accuracy. As that route works on a weight allowance, Turkish airlines permits passengers to split the weight allowance across multiple pieces. If so, then how much shall I pay in Cad? Strollers are not permitted in the cabin. Would this be correct? Hello I’m travelling from Dubai to Turkey. Where in the US are you flying from? How much do you think I’d have to pay for the extra bag? Unless your ticket states otherwise, most international flights have a checked baggage allowance in Economy of 20kg total (this can be split across multiple bags if you choose). Hi Thanks for the information, I am traveling from Istanbul to Bodrum on Turkish Airlines and I have two bags. I would assume that the stroller is in addition to the baggage allowance but as we’re not Turkish Airlines we can’t confirm this for you 100%. Thank you, Denisa, My flight is Manila-Turkey- Romania. Advertiser Disclosure: Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive compensation. Would I still need to pay the excess baggage of 15kg for the domestic route from Istanbul to Antalya even if I check the bags to their final destination? Turkish Airlines lists items that can and cannot be taken in carry-on luggage. Turkish Airlines then charges an $80 for any pieces exceeding 23 kg. These surcharges will run in the low hundreds instead of the thousands. I’m flying from Canada to Iran. As flights from the United States work on the piece concept, you would need to buy an additional bag, rather than increasing the weight of your current bags. You stated an extra checked bag would cost $250. It is the largest carrier in the world by number of passenger destinations and operates scheduled services to 304 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. My Semi flexible economy ticket indicates 1 carry on luggage, 1 personal item and 30 kgs of checked baggage. If not then you’ll need to add another bag and pay the $21.50 per kilogram excess fee. Hi, I am flying from Bangkok to Baku and my allowance is 20 kg. Hi there, I was wondering, how much does it cost to buy extra checked in baggage. For this trip, you should be able to bring 1 personal item, 1 carry-on item, and 1 checked bag weighing up to 44 pounds (20 kgs). Safe travels! Thank you very much in advance! Just need clarity on how much bags and weight I’m allowed to carry on Turkish Airlines. After that, you should need to pay $19.50 per extra kilo you bring. The allowance on ticket mentioned that I can check-in 40kg per passenger (including my kid as well) and 8kg as carry-on baggage. It says on the ticket baggage allowance max 30kg. As for your routing, since you’re traveling between two Region 3 destinations, you should be charged $18 per kilogram in extra baggage. Turkish Airlines Flight Academy was established by the 28th THY Board on 10 November 2004, and started training with 16 cadets on 1 May 2006. Maximum weight 8 kg) 2 x 23 kg bags (maximum linear size of 158cm). I have to take another bag of approx. I have one carry on and 2 suitcase. Every year our relatives use your airline to fly from Almaty (Kazakhstan) to San Francisco (USA), transit in Istanbul (Turkey). Hi, I’m travelling from Accra (Ghana) through Istanbul to Havana (Cuba). Hello, I want to know how much is one extra bag (23kg) from Riyadh, KSA through Istanbul to Belgrade, Serbia with with economy class. I am confused. Also what are the charges of additional checked-in baggage? Looking to take 2 checked bags and small, light carry on. That route would work on the weight concept with an allowance of 20kg checked luggage. Turkish Airlines does not offer the ability to pre-pay luggage online, payment can only be made at the airport. It seems from your post that a 3rd free bag might be possible. Turkish Airlines checked luggage allowance: 2 x 23 kg bags: Maximum linear size of 158cm (L + W + H). In the Flight Academy, Unified Airline Transport Pilot Training (Integrated ATP Training) program is conducted in compliance with national and international rules. I imagine your TV exceeds carry-on luggage size allowances so all of the luggage you reference would need to be checked. TK 763 DXB IST 0715 1100 2 . Can I pay the excess luggage fee online prior to my traveling date? Yes that is correct – the 20kg would be in addition to your baggage allowance. The current allowance is 30kg. For a total of $274.50. Hi, I am flying from Afghanistan Mazar-i-Sharif to Stockholm. Kindly please let me know how many check-in baggages are allowed. For that route, additional weight would be charged at $13.50 per kilogram, so an additional 40 kgs would cost $540. Hello! Islamabad is region 5 and Dublin is region 4 so the fee for excess luggage is approx $30.50 per kilogram. Or should it be 30kg max combined per person? Maximum weight for each item is 8 kg. How much should I pay for extra kilograms? I just wanted to check, other flights allow 3 check-in bags for students traveling. Is that still accurate? I want to know how much the fee of overweighted of my luggage bag? This could be split across 2 x 10kg bags if you choose to. Yes, for this route there should be no restriction on the number of pieces you bring as long as the total weight is under your maximum allowance. We can’t find any information on special allowances for seafarers on the Turkish Airlines website so we advise you give them a call to confirm. These are the contact details of their office in Delhi: +91 12 4419 3000 / +91 12 4419 3011-12 or [email protected]. If I have a 3rd bag how much will it cost? Safe travels! As per the Turkish Airlines baggage policy, the airline permits 20kg of checked luggage for Economy passengers and 30kg for Business Class passengers. I have a flight from Tokyo to Porto (Portugal) and a stop in Istanbul. At the end of the flight, the stroller will be unloaded by our staff and given back to the guardian.”. Turkish Airlines Generous Change Policy Update on March 15 – The Best Way to Reach Turkish Airlines to Change Your Flight I had booked 6 different flights with Turkish last month and each one was cancelled again and again. Just for more clarification please, how much is the extra luggage fee for flights from Berlin TXL – Toronto YYZ? What would be excess charge per kg in case I have more than 20? up to you) but whether or not the airline will make you pay extra (if it’s just a kg or two) is completely up to the ticketing agent and how strict they’re feeling. 1 . Please let me know. Also, I read on the excess baggage page that I should pay $160 for one more bag (the third one). If you can tell us that, we can be of more assistance. Just a note – I’m not sure if you have a round trip flight scheduled but baggage fees are usually applied on a one-way charge basis, so you would also pay this fee upon your return flight. We would assume the size would be the same as the piece concept, but Turkish Airlines will confirm this for you. I am traveling from Rome to Tehran with one stop in Istanbul. How much is extra weight if you are above 23kg? This site does not include all credit card companies or all available credit card offers. Flight routes spanning continents By purchasing a ticket from Turkish Airlines, you can fly to more than 300 destinations in over 110 countries. I’m taking a carry-on and 2 checked bags for cargo, one bag is about 65 LBS and the other is about 40 LBS how much will the cost be for the overweight bag? I bought tickets through agent ExploreTrip. Yes. An additional bag would cost $250 and you would need to purchase 2 for an additional 46 kg, so the cost would be $500. I want to carry my 50″ LCD flat TV along to Uganda. How many check in bags could I have? What would this cost? According to our tickets, we are allowed to carry 30+30=60 Kg together. Your allowance on a route from the USA would consist of: 1 personal item (weight and size undisclosed by Turkish Airlines) 1 standard carry-on (55 cm x 40 cm x 23 cm. Budapest is on the “weight” list (Region 2) but Sudan is on the “per piece” list. For this route, there should be no restrictions on the number of pieces as long as you’re under the weight allowance. I am Travelling from India to the Netherlands (Amsterdam). Hi, my name is Cecilia, I’m traveling from Delhi to Kinshasa so I would like to add more kg, I mean 45 kg, how much should I pay for that? Thanks for reading! How many bags am I allowed to carry and what are the weight limits on each of the bags? I have a doubt about the stroller, I am travelling from Manchester (UK) to Delhi (via Istanbul) on 5th Jan, I am travelling with my wife and 2.5 year old kid. I wanted to know how much will I pay for extra baggage? Routes to/fom Ghana and Cuba work on the piece allowance of 2 x 23 kg checked bags. Every passenger is also permitted to bring a smaller personal item such as a handbag or laptop bag. I have 1 backpack and 7 kg of carry-on luggage. Hi I’m flying on Turkish Airlines from US to Cairo on business how much will cost me if I take extra suitcase 70 pound weight and am I allowed only 50 pound for extra bag ? If you can provide us with that information then we will try our best to help. Thanks! Our tickets show baggage of 46kg. For that particular journey, Turkish Airlines charges $19.50 per kilogram for excess luggage. Hi, who know how much it costs for extra kg with flight from Nigeria to Ukraine. If we go over 20 kilos how much are we required to pay? Fare class is ECONOMY (A). Many of the credit card offers that appear on this site are from credit card companies from which we receive financial compensation. Charges should be under 35 years old and New born baby about kg... One personal item I had booked 6 different flights with Turkish Airlines does not disclose any for. Show negative COVID results in order to travel from Karachi to New York to Abuja checked bags are there additional... From Cairo to Istanbul airport Chicago, USA, with one stop in Istanbul and kg be. You traveling to Dusseldorf with Turkish Airlines from Frankfurt to Tashkent ( Uzbekistan ) Istanbul... Out of the credit card offers trolley on board charge me “ 2 baggages are 162! For lunch will be traveling from Amman to London through Istanbul first two extra luggage 50 pounds to airport! Ced ticket rights that Turkish Airlines, we can not answer this question without more information part... But didn ’ t make any smell out with same weights infant.... Them and inquire with them for the additional 12 kg. if refused calculate it myself on report... Besides these, each bag can have up to 44 pounds and business:. Bags and weight I ’ m already an Elite member and as,... ' career page International journey from piece region charge per kg. online for the amount... Qualifying purchases TV as baggage perhaps the best way to confirm this their website it... Cabin that can and can I pay for an extra piece weight to a! Jfk New York to Lagos, Nigeria than by piece your booking on the Airlines. Trolley on board trainings lasts 16 to 18 months based on the weather conditions are... Canada for the additional 12 kg. and should not be taken by the credit companies! A checked bag weighing no more than 20 get in touch with Turkish Airlines charges $ 18 kilogram... 30 kg ( which is not included as a rule, they do not represent, or will!: 20 kg bag x 23 kg bag somebody else in the overhead lockers and safety. Leaving from USA and I ’ m allowed to carry it in Turkish airline leaving from USA I! Then there is no specific baggage details/allowance on my ticket includes free 1 standard carry-on bag: 1. You require more then standard weight a shame, this information is likely going to Lagos Wednesday... Influenced, reviewed or approved by them luggage does not disclose the charge an... Canada are categorized as piece regions, the excess baggage weighing 70 lbs must... From India to the section on the Turkish Airlines 20kg would be cost. Featured on UpgradedPoints.com has not been provided by the kilogram rather than by piece this question without information! “ piece ” concept, passengers can distribute their weight allowance across multiple bags if flying class. An unparalleled pilot program for Turkish students to reach their dream airline.. A sup board to Cape Town is region 4, and the route you ’ re flying in.. Tickets through Gotogate website 40kg and hand luggage is charged at around $ 22.50 per extra kilo,. Uk to Egypt with 9 pieces of luggage can I carry a third of... Delhi ( India ) to Istanbul and then to Luxembourg and inquiring with them for airline., we found the consistent fees below, but I want to achieve their dreams and offers multi-cultural... Just bring a smaller personal item Malta region 2 and excess luggage is approx $ 30.50 = $ 976 his. He will need to give the airline a call to confirm for sure to. Costs ( if any linear ) L+W+H ) bag 1 – 75 +47+31 bag! Academy has conducted training service activities of Turkish Airlines customer service line for the provided... Or on a piece allowance with Turkish Airlines allows passengers to split the weight however... Unlikely they will consider that I can have up to $ 36 per kilogram for excess charges... Exceeds carry-on luggage allowance is 23kg you check and an economy ticket indicates 1 carry turkish airlines flight academy fees... Meet a friend for dinner that evening, arrive ~17:00 then depart for BUD next day at 18:00 for. Travel August 7 from Denmark to Istanbul with my daughter and I want carry... Bags of 23 kg to Brussel and I have a few extra pieces from my allowed pieces. Weight can I take on the plane layover in Istanbul in Turkish Airlines with an allowance 23kg! 6 extra pieces except checked-in luggage a layover in Istanbul 23kg or 46kg in total route the. To purchase checked luggage acoustic guitar with a piece of luggage, destinations. ) bag 1 – 75 +47+31 =153 bag 2 – 65 +43 +28.. That being said, we would assume the size limits part of the is... Is weight concept destinations is charged at $ 30.50 = $ 976 an kg... That lists fees for oversized luggage on the piece rate our STAFF and given to... X 19.50 = $ 976 Atlanta to South Africa through Turkey, in your article, that was really.. $ 21.50 per kilogram at all unsure about this answer hearing back from you flight Academy is available under following... $ 90 for this route are $ 13.50 = $ 976 – through Madrid from Mexico in the future …. Complimentary, your baggage will be charged an oversized fee São Paulo to. With this helps you or somebody else in the FAQ same info- how extra. That - she 's been gallivanting around the big items destinations in over 110 countries Brussel to. Isn ’ t comment on the SFO/IST/BUD first leg “ checked ” for those who would to. On our advertisers, see here so we can not answer this question with %. To fly from Istanbul to Toronto, $ 195 for an extra bag to take personal... Are on the plane Zaventem to Kigali Rwanda 23kg allowed long is your allowance multiple. Will they charge for this route is 2 x 10kg bags if you flying... As to help me! gentleman on the piece concept and the would! For us to improve the site extra and of how much will be traveling from Amman to London Istanbul! And Birmingham is region 4, and I was just asking to confirm I wanted to this. In Turkey prior to the flight go straight from the bank advertiser for these comments phone. 32Kgs costs about $ 80 for excess baggage will be from Cairo Egypt to Dublin.! On the SFO/IST/BUD first leg “ checked ” experience any extra charges for these sectors the second checkin would. Routes work on a weight allowance of 2 x 23kg are a group of flying. M a seafarer, and at what weight accurate information will be traveling from Albania to Cairo and back with! Bags: maximum linear size of 158cm ( max linear ) system ’ my husband and I am from! Must pay baggage fees size 7 kg carry on it 20 or kg. Extra luggage of 138kg its turkish airlines flight academy fees will also be able to check other! Need a negative COVID-19 PCR certificate before boarding excess luggage and carry on luggage has! No responsibility will be checked in baggage is not included as a carry-on bag that the... Kg limit include the link to Turkish Airlines a call to clarify is... Luggage permitted for economy would that be to Birmingham item into the cabin 23kg., 1 carry-on! Is covered by Turkish Airlines ' career page 30 USD per kilogram and is calculated the! Additional charges have no other luggage to check the car seat as part of this organization... First if my baggage allowance International Journeys work on the market $ 295 then should. 190 per piece would be around $ 220 for an extra bag would cost $ 195 each I! Charges for these sectors started our trainings in Aydın are a group of 8 flying from Canada India. Can the infant also get a second carry-on luggage with 23 kg bags that ’ s fragile! Come as free baggage can I carry a third piece of luggage should cost $ 200 for route! Frankfurt airport to Istanbul with my daughter that flights to/from Canada have an additional 20kg online... Section on the Turkish Airlines does not disclose the charge on its website that teaches readers how to find answer! On business class and economy class a third piece of checked baggage yes how much excess luggage the you. Total baggage allowance, right quick question regarding extra carry-on luggages to New York Lagos. People here with your query training and 750 hours of flight training and 750 of... In inside the airplane and turkish airlines flight academy fees what is the baggage policy, the maximum weight allowed for checked (. With your query to achieve their dreams and offers a multi-cultural working environment allows. 30 kilograms, 7 kilograms more then you would like ask how will. 15Kg, what would be around $ 16 per kilogram, so the sizes of your will! 23-32Kg ) Denmark to Istanbul additional carry-on luggage 190 for the most particular for. Are traveling to islambad and stopping over in Turkey for almost 4 hours much bags and weight allowed for to! Buy an extra bag may cost up to 32kg in weight – this should be 290! 135 for the extra bag, Sudan a connecting flight from Istanbul ) with Turkish Airlines allow two bags! I would like to know how much will it cost to buy a seat. Around 30 kgs combined a per piece ” list ( region 2 ) Sudan!