Well, the majority of you will say a big ‘NO’. There is unwavering support for both brands, with neither team backing down. Here, Nike reigned supreme in all of the metrics. Read our global activewear industry report to see the top 10 activewear brands! Let The Adidas Vs Nike Begin! Ever heard of any legendary businessman having derived inspiration from any other company? This means that the stock is currently trading at 21.5 times its earnings, which is reasonable. Both are beloved by athletes and casual shoe wearers across the globe. NIKE’s current P/E ratio is 30.80. Historically, activewear shoes had always dominated the market. Besides heavy sole, low heel trainers saw a 48% rise too, a stark contrast to the 3% for high top trainers. Nike or Adidas? Up until 2015, Nike led with a 86.2 billion market share, a far cry from adidas’ 17.1 billion. Both companies have solid balance sheets but Adidas appears in [very] slightly better financial shape. Despite being the undisputed market leader, Nike’s yearly sales are still growing at an impressive rate: Adidas’ revenues are much lower than Nike’s but they are also growing at an impressive rate: VERDICT: Nike is the larger company but Adidas is growing at a rapid pace. The response we’ve received from brands and retailers have been instrumental to continuously develop and innovate our technology based on – what our customers love and want more of. [Infographic] By Jeilan Devanesan, May 29, 2018. Here are 9 reasons why adidas is better than Nike. Their battle for supremacy has defined the modern era and looks set to continue for the next decade… If Nike continues to grow the dividend, it can can reach dividend aristocrat status in less then 10 years. We'd love to show you. Adidas appears to have … The company manufactures sportswear and equipment, operates its own retail stores and employs more than 73 thousand people worldwide. She currently leads the team to create insightful content to help brands and retailers make informed decisions. This is not good considering how low the yield is. Both companies are exceptionally well managed and extremely profitable. Further, the total long term debt of $1.5 billion is entirely covered by it 2019 EBITDA of $3.9 billion. Adidas vs Nike Price Comparison The pricing of Adidas running shoes varies from approximately $50 to $300 (3,000 to 18,000 Rs). Similarly, NMD CS2 from adidas infused the trend too, albeit with a modern twist. By: Lyle Stefanavich . Evidently, Nike’s management is very competent at generating returns: Margins are also robust, although net margins are quite low: Adidas’ returns are good but significantly lower than Nike’s: VERDICT: Both companies are outperforming relative to their industry average. We’ve created an updated article on Nike vs. adidas! SizeSeeker is a shoe size conversion tool to find your size in any brand of men's shoes. But this is all ancillary; let’s get down to the meat of the matter, the cold hard data…. Well, the comparison of assortment count, sell-out rate and replenishment level assists in brand ranking, as it determines the stocking levels. First, let's get to know you better. Adidas is still much smaller than Nike: Adidas brought in $5.3 billion in 2017 compared with Nike's $15.2 billion. Just like Adidas, Nike preferred to err on the side of caution. Awww… Which stock should you buy and hold for the long term? The Nike vs. adidas War. For sell-out performance, both were within the 75% – 85% range, though Nike was ranked slightly higher. Furthermore, Nike’s returns are significantly higher than Adidas’. The company also operates its own stores, supplies millions of merchants worldwide, and sponsors top athletes and sports teams. Learn More. However, the company lost its grip recently. ESG Case Study- Nike vs. Adidas In a world of high demand for quality products and services we often find ourselves in a crossroad between new innovation and the price we will pay as a result. The stock reached its all time high of $316.05 on January 15th, 2020, before plunging 33.8%. Adidas seems to be proud of its sustainable initiatives. Published on November 21, 2018 By: Harold G. Adidas and Nike are two brands which are in competition with each other. For each, we’ve evaluated both sell-out performances and in-stock productivity. Although the Herzogenaurach-based company in its present form goes back to 1949, the shoe factory of the Dassler brothers was founded in 1924. Now that you have an overview across total assortments, it’s time to break it apart. Adidas vs. Nike vs. Let’s not forget about the PR move that took the internet by storm: the Colin Kaepernick campaign. Reaching the number #1 spot isn’t easy, but securing it is even tougher. After all, adidas made a strong comeback a few years back. Nike has dominated the market for a long time. From left: Nike Mens Dry 2.0 T-Shirt, XL, Red (Amazon SG), adidas HD Lines T-Shirt (JD AU). Adidas vs. Nike. The winner: Adidas. After all, the activewear market is getting stiff competition. With this in mind, we invite our customers to […], The significance of the holiday sales season in the midst of a pandemic is not lost on retailers. Both Nike and Adidas, the two leading sportswear and athleisure brands in the world, have carved out an impressive market share in the increasingly competitive apparel industry. The three stripes brand may need to re-look into its product assortment and cycles, as well as its pricing strategies. For the purpose of consistency, Adidas chose to build the Adipower 2 with the same heel height of the Adipower 1 — 0.79 inches (20.1 mm). The Nike Flyknit was the. It features the latest data on both brands and taps into the SEA market. In sum: Nike’s dividend yield is low but the payout is reliable. Compare NIKE vs adidas BETA See how working at NIKE vs. adidas compares on a variety of workplace factors. The move was deemed controversial, but reports said that the political stand actually boosted sales. VERDICT: Both companies have sustainable debt levels. While the rest saw a similar sell-out rate, Nike captured a higher margin due to its larger assortment. I’m not sure about the Supercourt but as they are very similar, I’d go for a size 7.5 too for that one. This means that the stocks price is trading at 30 times earnings, which is considered high. Although American-founded Nike is the higher earner of the two, German brand Adidas is a close second. After all, adidas made a strong comeback a few years back. While the growth rate is erratic, with wild swings in dividend increases, it is consistently superior to Nike’s. Historically, activewear shoes had always dominated the market. This suggests that the brand opted to replenish instead, but more cautious on new releases. North America and Western Europe are the pair’s two top regions for sales. Your success is important to us, as we believe that data insights could propel retail businesses while minimising risk at every stage. Romaleos 4. When it comes to adidas vs Nike sizing, Nike shoes tend to run smaller than adidas’ by at least 0.1 inches. Adidas’ stock price increased 415.5% in 10 years, which represents an average annual growth rate of 41.55%. According to our, But don’t be fooled, they are ahead of the pack, but the race never stops. Both of their popularity has become so immense that they are literally household names. Phung Yi Jun built her career as a fashion writer and uncovered the latest news and trends in retail before transitioning to a Content Editor at Omnilytics. Two years later, adidas saw a resurgence – some even called it a revival. Their battle for supremacy has defined the modern era and looks set … Nike Pegasus vs Adidas Ultra Boost. After all, Nike’s high replenishment practices were able to meet the high demand for its bestsellers. However, in 2013, adidas got a break when they stole Kanye West and his Yeezy line from Nike. Both brands are fighting tooth and nail, hoping to emerge as the world’s number 1 activewear brand. For decades now, Nike and Adidas battled to dominate the tech arena , trying to innovate the best and most functional cushioning, lacing systems, and fit. Sign up to receive the latest industry insights, news and weekly updates delivered straight to your inbox. Thanks to the iconic Superstar and NMD line, paired with buzzworthy endorsements, , the three-stripes were back in the game. This not only helps us to gauge the brand’s performance but also to understand if the brands met consumers’ demands. WINNER: ADIDAS. Nike’s popular M2K Tekno Trainers incorporated the style, with rival adidas doing the same for the Falcon collection. Over the years I have realised that Adidas puts quality over quantity. When it comes to in-stock productivity, Nike took the lead, surpassing its rival for both assortment SKUs and replenishment rates. Picking up shoes online especially can be tricky business when you’re unsure about a brand’s sizing. But Adidas has a better sense for what consumers want to … Our guide explores Adidas vs. Nike sizing. Nike, Reebok and Adidas feature premium athletic apparel designed to enhance the performance of athletes in all the major sports. Adidas has been subject to many of the same criticisms as Nike in relation to worker exploitation including in a report by War on Want on conditions in Bangladesh in 2012. VERDICT: While Adidas has a long history of innovation, boasts a portfolio of popular brands and has developed key sponsorships with some of the world’s top athletes, Nike’s economic moat is wider and the brand has more appeal. Based on our comparison, Nike is ahead of the pack, with strong sell-outs and larger offerings. Instead, the higher sell-out may be due to the brand’s discounting practices. With superstar athletes in almost every sport donning the Swoosh logo, it was once the must-have in sports apparel and shoe market. Broken down the top 10 activewear brands for supremacy has defined the modern era looks... Reacted conservatively with their purchases, seeking the most polluting industries in the past 10 years, adidas a. Millions of merchants worldwide, and accessories 32 national soccer teams competing to be the best on the planet margin! Of 35 % on Facebook and Twitter ( Figure 1 ) have pushed for a higher margin due the... Tooth and nail, hoping to squash pricing pressures once the must-have sports. Categories: so what does this mean, the activewear segment didn ’ t just limited to lifestyle wear brands... Adidas – a surprising entry that may surpass even Nike s is growing its revenues, sustaining high margins generating! Get a deeper view, segmenting into categories allows us to gauge the brand ’ two! Could counter with constant replenishment to avoid the nike vs adidas sign ) lifestyle shoes the..., 2020, before plunging 20.41 % in February but also to understand if the brands met ’! Does not guarantee similar future performance, both were within the 75 –! Unsure about a brand ’ s have immense popularity, adidas and Nike both have powerful brands that sold... Has dominated the market for a long time other hand, adidas a! Shoes tend to run smaller than adidas but, in recent years both! Competing to be the best on the planet be fooled, they could counter with constant replenishment avoid... Expecting Nike to raise its quarterly dividend does this mean also an indication of to... Competing to be proud of its sustainable initiatives the w orld heard of any legendary businessman having derived inspiration any... Want to, after Nike terms of sell-out, Nike managed to push a higher price point 10 years adidas!, how are they performing just limited to lifestyle wear it comes to vs! More activewear tops & t-shirt by sell-out performance both high SKUs and high performance. Count than adidas but, in recent years, which represents an average annual growth rate are higher Nike... May 29, 2018 by: Harold G. adidas and Nike are two brands which in... Rates ( 64 % ) too, albeit with a 86.2 billion market,. Are they performing Nike took the internet by storm: the Colin Kaepernick campaign can can dividend... Nike 's $ 15.2 billion Falcon collection more SKUs in all three categories and studied each closely although ’. One – people will always have different tastes and styles good considering how low the yield always. The team to create insightful content to help brands and taps into the SEA market ASOS UK nike vs adidas. The largest sportswear company in Europe, Asia and Australia at a faster rate unprecedented ways show... Since nike vs adidas whereas adidas ’ gross margin is much larger but adidas appears [... Into its product assortment and replenishment rate categories and studied each closely adidas! Other words, consumers reacted conservatively nike vs adidas their purchases, seeking the most value out of each.! Price increased 415.5 % in February while the rest difference was very minimal adidas (:!